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The Power of Prayer and Obedience: A personal testimony

  For many months now at Still Small Voice, the Lord has been teaching us about prayer and obedience; how it is needful to our greatest benefit and most pleasing to Him. He has asked me now to share two personal stories that will underline to you who have been left behind the IMPORTANCE of Trusting Him in both prayer… Read more »

Is taking prescription medicines the same as witchcraft? (Pharmakeia)

What are we to think? The Bible clearly equates this word with witchcraft. Are we sinning by taking prescription drugs from the doctors?  The Greek word Pharmakeia can be translated either “The use or the administering of drugs” or “poisoning”. In the Perseus Greek-English Lexicon, the word Pharmakeia is defined as “the use of drugs, potions, spells, poisoning and witchcraft.”… Read more »

I Prayed for Someone to Get Healed and It Didn’t “Work”

So, you followed the formula the Lord gave, prayed with someone – and nothing happened! Why? In His message “Gift of Healing, The Lord Gives Us Points to Remember,” Oct 1, 2015* The Lord outlines several reasons this may happen. Let’s take a look at some of them. 1.”One thing you should remember to consider is the state of their… Read more »