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How can I truly deny myself & yet still pursue my dreams? To let go of myself but chase the desires of my heart that is in God’s will? I want to please Father but I don’t know where Father wants me to start or how to start. I love these videos but they leave me with more questions.

This calls for discernment.  For instance, let’s say you play an instrument, and you love it, but your motive is wanting to be a star and have a following and make lots of money.  That is an impure, worldly motive which will burn in the fire of God’s judgment.

On the other hand – you love to play, you’ve honed your gift, and your heart’s desire is to lead worship.  That’s a pure desire and will be a blessing at the judgment.

Or even beyond music, your heart really burns with God’s love when you see people who have given up a comfortable life, some of them even musicians, to go to Africa and bring people to Christ. That’s an even higher desire.

And another part of you is fascinated by medicine and you’d like to be a doctor or nurse practitioner and perhaps use that gift in the mission field.

So there are three GOOD choices in your heart…things you really enjoy.  The first thing would be to check out your motives for each of these things, to see if they are pure.

The next thing would be to bring them before the Lord, lay them at His feet and ask Him to confirm which direction to take.

I had to give up photography (a professional nature photographer for 30 years)  when I became a Christian.  My attitude, when I had a camera in hand, was vain, proud and condescending.  It nurtured pride.  So, the Lord asked me to hang it up.  But then He gave me the gift of painting…and check this out, the only reason I took up photography in the first place when I was 21 was that I couldn’t paint!!!   So now He’s gone deeper and given me my real heart’s desire.

Sometimes these things are muddied up because some things are buried in your heart beneath the expectations others have for your life plan. So, you just naturally head in the direction they encourage but it isn’t really what YOU want. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would be a musician.  It wasn’t until I was 58 that God gave me that gift. It was safe to give it to me then, because I had left the world to serve Him. If I had been given that gift in my 20’s…it would have been defiled by vanity.

God puts a desire in your heart, but you should always stay detached from it.  For instance…laying those three options I mentioned down at His feet and asking Him which direction He wants you to go in.

Once you KNOW for sure then you hang onto that dream FOR DEAR LIFE because Satan will try to wrench it out of your hands, he will oppose you at every turn, and try to ruin it…but because you took the time to discern it in the first place, you are unshakable, you know the Lord is with you.  So you persevere and fight the good fight until you succeed. Hope this helps Pablo.  God bless you, dear – with very clear discernment.

Love, Clare








  1. Edita

    September 23,2017?Wahat’s going to happen?(video)and God’s timeline and the Jews(video).What do you think think about the 2 video?

  2. Ilma Coelho Bonesi

    Hi Carol
    I dont speak ingleshmy Very well
    Send for me
    Maria Divine Mercy is she a true prophet of God ?
    Is Very important for me
    Please Helpe me


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