Dear ones,
I’ve been absent from your Youtube Channel for some time now.

But always keeping an eye, and praying.When I participated there, under the name of “Rose,” I was sometimes puzzled, even scandalized, because I hardly could name Mary, our Blessed Mother, without feeling I was setting a lot of hearts in deep disturbance. It was painful to read some remarks about her. And I thought to that to speak back or argue, was giving those brothers an occasion to worsen things.

I also, didn’t felt a lot of support in these occasions, and so, I left.The Lord took the devotion my family has for her and through her, I came to Jesus. She was the one who brought back to her Son, my beloved Savior, Jesus, when I went astray.
Mary always leads to Jesus. It can’t be any other way. And if it is, then it’s not a real devotion to her, but a misguided one introduced.

Same thing is to say that Jesus always introduce His mother, if it is Him who’s really leading the way. They work together. She has all the Graces, special Graces to distribute to all mankind, given by God.

Now about the Rosary: Mary said to me once, “Where I am, the devil will try to interfere furiously. But fear not. Pray the rosary. When you pray the rosary, especially meditating in Jesus Passion, he can’t “see” you”.

And in other occasion, about the Hail Mary. “Each Hail Mary is like a continuous hammer in a demon’s head: it can’t stand it, because it can’t stand being reminded of the Humility and Love of God, made flesh in a tiny baby. Nor can it stand me, a creature made of flesh and blood, to be His mother.”

So, you see? Oh, the power of a Rosary prayed with all your heart.
Mary doesn’t need rosaries. It’s for our sake. She’s been asking us to pray them since decades, for our sake.There. I really felt I owe you this message. 
Bless you all.


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