Is Still Small Voice A Study in Blasphemy? Is Clare duBois Possessed?

August 6, 2016 Well, my dear Heartdwellers. Because certain souls have been scandalized, I’ve been asked to address this accusation that I’m committing blasphemy. So, let us begin by examining the meaning of the word. Blasphemy: the act or offense of speaking sacrilegiously about God or sacred things; profane talk, profanity, sacrilege, irreverence, taking the Lord’s name in vain, swearing,… Read more »

How the Lord Feels about Prayer and the Divine Mercy Chaplet

Then, He began to speak to all of us: “My Brides, I don’t care what your background is, there is no excuse for not praying this prayer. Do you really want to know what I meant by saying long prayers, repetitive prayers and babbling to impress people? You complain about long prayers, but do you know that My disciples and… Read more »

Having statues of Jesus and pictures is having “Graven Images” in your house!

  We have this declaration come around once in a while. It seems some feel that you can never have a picture of Jesus hung, especially near your private worship/devotional place. Never have a statue of Him or anyone else there. And the source of this is always the OT quote about graven images. Going back to where it was… Read more »

They Will be Left Behind, Prophetic Word

November 3, 2014 The Lord began: “There will be many left behind.” “Lord, I feel such sorrow for those who are left behind. For all we tried to tell, those in my family, those who had contempt for this message.” He assured me, “All will resolve itself to My glory.” “I weep for the innocent and the ignorant, the obtuse,… Read more »

Secret Rapture, Three Days of Darkness, Our Discernment Process, True or False?   12/14/14

  I’ve been asked several times what I thought about the prophecies where the chosen-out ones were waiting for the 3 days of darkness that is to happen before the Rapture. As the prophecy goes, during these 3 days the chosen ones will be raptured ahead of the Bride, trained for 3 days, and return to the Earth in glorified… Read more »

What is a Rhema? Getting A Word From the Lord

This is a teaching from Clare given on June 24, 2015 This is a teaching on getting your own word from the Lord. And you know, our channel is not just about intimacy; it’s also about learning to hear from God on your own. Just about every other e-­‐mail or private message that comes to us from our different sites is… Read more »

“Can you help me understand what exactly worship is and how the Lord wants me to do it for him?”

…a listener asked this morning. She continued, “I am a faithful Christian and listen to your videos often. I pray regularly throughout the day but what I feel I’m missing is worship. You talk of hours spent worshiping and I honestly don’t know what that means.” I used to wonder the same thing! HOW do you spend hours with the… Read more »