Order of Events Before the Rapture

A Compilation of What Jesus Has Told Us About the Events After the Dome of the Rock is Destroyed.

 Compiled September 21, 2018

 I had a dream just before I woke up which had the signature of the Holy Spirit. So, I’m going to share it with you.

I was on a ship out at sea. Not far from us was the enemy’s ship. The high ranking commander of the ship was there with his little boy.

Within eye sight I saw the enemy ship and the commander of that vessel had come to visit ours. There seemed to be a very strong attraction the little boy had to this man. I could not make out exactly the significance, except that the little boy turned out to be the son of the enemy commander, who was a Muslim, and he didn’t know it. Yet, the boy was supposed to be the son of the American commander, officially. That’s what everyone thought, anyway. In other words it was thought that the child was the son of the American commander, but in actuality, he was the son of the enemy’s ship commander, the Muslim commander.

It seemed like they were all friends, even though they were thought of as enemies, yet behind the scenes they were working together. There was supposed to be an event that was to occur soon and the Muslim commander invited the American commander, to come and look.

We were in Israel, we were in the City of Jerusalem, and the Muslim commander was walking down a long corridor. He said to the other commander, “Come look, over here, this is a really good view – this is a perfect view.” As he motioned for him to come closer, I thought to myself, ‘What is it they’re looking at?’ No sooner did I get that thought through my mind than I caught a glimpse of the top of the Dome of the Rock.

In the meantime, the ships were still out at sea. The Muslim ship was about to fire a plasma ball, but three times the equipment stalled, and the very large plasma ball had gone down to one third of its original size, when it finally fired.

Going back to where the two men were watching the Dome of the Rock, it was obvious they were waiting for it to be blown up. And finally, after quite a long while, the Muslim commander said, “Something’s gone wrong. It has misfired, or something has gone wrong.” I heard in my own mind, “Or God has intercepted it; it will never be seen again.” Then I awoke, because someone was knocking on our door. I think the Lord sent them to knock so I’d wake up and remember this dream.

I sought the Lord for the meaning of this dream and I heard Him say, “Joel 2”.

So, I got out the Bible and started reading it. And I thought it was very interesting, because this whole second chapter of Joel is about the repentance of the people turning God’s judgement away.

Now, about Joel 2. Literally speaking, I don’t believe it had to do with this situation, I think it was figuratively. I think the Lord was showing me the dynamic behind why the plasma ball was intercepted. And, there’s been a few people who’ve asked me about a meteor that’s coming to destroy the world, or whatever – the Lord hasn’t spoken about it to me at all. But, the plasma ball in this dream, they do resemble meteors. And I don’t know if you can even tell them apart when they are burning. I don’t know that it’s possible to tell them apart. It’s been speculated that what happened in the Soviet Union was a plasma ball, and not a meteor, and that there were a lot of plasma balls being shot off at that time. So, it’s really hard to say what was going on, except in this dream, it was definitely a plasma ball that was going to be fired on the Dome of the Rock by the Muslim ship.

So, after seeking Him for the meaning of the dream, and reading Joel 2 – the two things I took out of it, which I felt were indicative of the dynamics, were:

1 Let all who live in the land tremble, for the day of the Lord is coming. It is close at hand–2 a day of darkness and gloom, a day of clouds and blackness. Like dawn spreading across the mountains a large and mighty army comes, such as never was in ancient times nor ever will be in ages to come…12 “Even now,” declares the Lord, “return to me with all your heart, with fasting and weeping and mourning.” 13 Rend your heart and not your garments. Return to the Lord your God, for he is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and abounding in love, and he relents from sending calamity. 14 Who knows? He may turn and relent and leave behind a blessing–

And then the Lord began speaking to me again, and He said, “The meaning should be obvious to you, My Love. I have delayed the event that would have set things in motion.”

Remember, guys, He talked about He was waiting for a certain event to take place before everything would go into motion?

So, I asked Him, ‘The destruction of the Dome of the Rock?’

“That’s right.”

Is this the event you were waiting for back in the spring?

“It is. It was all set to go off like clockwork. But once again, we relented, because of the prayers and fasting of many around the world, especially Australia. That was a landmark prayer event that had much to do with the repentance of those in this nation. You see, I raise up my vessels unto honor to stand in the gap and Australia had much to do with the delay in the judgment. For this, every American should be very grateful.

“Now, since I have relented and stayed off the execution that was planned back in June, things have changed. Priorities have shifted, and I have once again delayed the well-orchestrated plans of the nations to annihilate two thirds of the world’s population.

“This poses new problems for My People and new remedies as well. And, I will move forward with My saintly army of souls to fight the advancing darkness. It will redound to My glory, for great shall be the victories. Make no mistake about it; the Rapture was about to happen in June.

“This is why I have been preparing you all to stand and take up your positions. It is not time to sit and wait; it is time to swing into action. This is why I spoke to you about assuming your positions; your effectiveness in serving Me during this extension of time will have a direct effect on how long I can stave off the events leading to the Rapture.

“Yes, I know, I hear it already – many of you want to sit down and cry, giving up your labors for Me. But may I say to you, the rewards for your faithfulness now far outweigh anything.”

Lord, I am thinking years… are you delaying it by years?

“No, I am thinking months.”

“In the meantime, I am also giving My Brides-to-be another chance. The Brides that would not have gone in June, I am giving them another chance to wake up and take new territory for Me. I am asking them to swing into action and commit themselves to a direction that will bring forth fruit for the Kingdom, not just sitting around waiting. Many have spoiled the plans I had for them with this kind of thinking. They, too, are getting another chance. Oh, this is so important Clare, over half of those who thought they had it all together in June, were still falling far short of what I had expected of them. Their preoccupation with themselves disqualified them.

“Since then, many have had a change of heart and are finding ways to serve and have become much more serious about making better use of their time. I have seen much improvement and will have much mercy. But for those stragglers who are still biding their time, I say to you, ‘Wake Up! Do not waste another day of your lives thinking about yourself. My Brides must be about My business, not their own.'”

“Many have listening disabilities and tend to fly into a panic without listening very carefully to what I have said. The demons are also very fond of exaggerating and twisting what’s been said to the point where it no longer resembles the original word. Therefore, My Precious ones, always, listen very carefully and listen again if you begin to feel panicked.

“Well, all in all, My entire message tonight is to make your time here count. Don’t grow lax or lazy, rather rise up, put your hand to the plow and don’t turn to look back, or grow weary in well doing. When you begin to grow weary, change the balance of prayer and work; get more prayer, less work. In this way, you will be constantly rejuvenated for the next round.

 “I am with you all, even at your right hand, strengthening you at communion, refreshing you in worship, protecting you all day long and singing love songs over you. Listen for My sweet voice; receive all that I wish to give you with no guilt or condemnation. We are doing this together, you are truly My Helpmates. How then can I leave you to languish on your own? No, I am right here by your side, plowing with you.

“My blessing of hope is upon you all. Amen.”

taken from:DOME OF THE ROCK PROPHETIC DREAM  Sept. 7, 2015


He said, “I’m so happy with you for putting those Christmas lights back. My Love, you are nearing the finish line, stay on the straight and narrow. Time is winding down, and events are winding up. The enemy is closing in on the Nation of Israel. You remember what I told you about the turn-key event, the destruction of the Dome of the Rock?”

Yes, Lord – I do.

“When you see that, drop to your knees, that will be the beginning of trials such as this nation has never seen or dreamt of. Even those planning the events will be shocked at the repercussions. Do not be afraid, Clare, I tell you ahead of time, do not be afraid. Drop to your knees, give thanks, for your redemption draweth nigh.

“It will be a time of unsurpassed wailing and travail. Nations will crumble before your very eyes and all eyes will be upon Jerusalem. There will be no more time left for preparations, no time at all – only prayer, do you understand? Do not go out, do not leave your houses, drop to your knees and pray. The Divine Mercy Chaplet is second only to prayer in My Spirit. The last drops of mercy will fall from the Goblet of Hope, the very last drops. Those who have turned to Me will be saved, some as going through the fire.

“But you and your family, your true family, the precious Brides I have drawn under your umbrella, you will all be taken care of. Fear is useless, only prayer, trust. ‘Jesus, I trust in You,’ over and over and over again.

 “I will take care of the children of your womb. They will turn to Me, one by one, acknowledging and repenting of their sin.”



The page I opened to was 205, which is under “The Great Revival After the Rapture, April 6, 2015.”

I will be seen during the Rapture. I will not set foot on the Earth. but I will be seen.

 Miami is no different than the WWII wars and rumors of wars. Because of the increase of knowledge, the damage inflicted will be far beyond and more confusing, disorienting and devastating than ever before. FOR that reason, it will be an hour when I am least expected.You see with all the moons and feasts, I am expected. That should alert you right away that it can’t be on a feast day, because you are expecting Me.

 “Does it not say that when I am LEAST expected I will come? That was meant to be a hint.”

“OK, now that contradicts what people say about knowing the appointed times.”


“Oh Lord, you are indeed Sovereign.”

“I will indeed do things at the appointed time, but I made it a point to exclude the Rapture, so why are you looking to appointed times?”

“Umm…I guess because it makes sense?”

“Exactly. And I already inferred that it would make no sense. So, relax and stop trying to second-guess Me. I already gave you a very firm indicator, rest in this, Clare. Please do not sow confusion, hold to what I gave you years and years ago. Rest in this. Stop looking to guess what makes the most sense. You are all wearing yourselves out trying to resolve this issue using the stars and moon and the appointed times as your plumb line.”

Oh, Lord. Tonight, I felt such sick pain in Your heart. And it occurred to me: You have said about the timing of the Rapture, You are extending the time in tiny increments and then You explained to me that that means by minutes. That being the case, at every moment You must re-evaluate and make a decision. Every moment of every soul on the face of the Earth, and make a decision in that moment, whether to go forward to the eventual death of millions – or whether to wait. Oh, how painful that must be!

Jesus began, It is still My Father who makes the choice, Clare. He is the one Who must re-evaluate moment by moment, as I stand in the gap.But My heart is heavy with sorrow. What you have seen glimpses of, in Pam’s dream, by the ocean in California is the devastation of My heart when it finally all comes down.”

And for those of you who don’t know about that vision, here I believe, He’s talking about the beach scene, where His heart was so crushed by all the deaths and the Father is comforting Him, there by His side. Oh, how shall we EVER understand these things? The Trinity is so immense, and yet SO personal!

The Lord continued, “I brought up the timing of the Rapture again, because it bears repeating – so that My Bride can stand steady as she goes. While this fight for lives is going on. You were correct in your observation, that I am trying to get as many saved as possibly can, before the horrendous events.So they will come to Me, and forever be in My presence. Although these events with ISIS have driven people from their homes, the devils could not foresee the movement of My Spirit in these camps to bring them to Me. It is, as always: what was meant for evil, I have turned to good.

“I know and feel the anxiety all My Brides are experiencing right now. I especially know the increase in pressure from evil forces. It is as though we are all walking on pins and needles, through a sea of darkness – and I am sorry it is this way for the time being. But even that you may offer to Me as a fast offering, for the souls yet numbered that I am drawing in.

When it finally happens, it will be a surprise to all. My word on this will not fail, or return to Me void. What you in the Earth are now all experiencing are the birth pains. You are in labor with Me for My children. Events will happen in rapid-fire succession. The Dome of the Rock, the invasion of Israel, exchange of nuclear bombs, the invasion of America.

The final straw will be Miami, and the other locations – mixing all of these together, plus the renewed efforts of CERN. All of this together will put the Earth in the path of this comet, which was foreseen by John. But because of the prayers of the faithful ones, up until this hour, it will glance off this planet and keep going.

“This you may share with all that prayed: you have moved on My heart and indeed our Father has heard and responded with Mercy. It was going to be much, much worse. That is an important bit of news for those who have been expecting the worst.

 “This is the heart of My message tonight: Mercy has been shown.

 “I give you My peace and My strength now, and I bless you My Bride and My children. Know that your prayers stir the heart of My Father and will bring yet more mercies. Continue to pray for the world.”

taken from: MERCY! COMET WILL ONLY GRAZE THE EARTH April 12, 2016


The Lord bless you Heartdwellers with a teachable spirit and open hearts. I, just like everyone else have been struggling with what looks like a word on timing that is difficult to reconcile with what I believe Jesus has told us.

The only exception that could qualify it is when the Lord last brought the subject up He said, “Minutes, minute by minute.” Since then I’ve gotten numerous people declaring I said this and I said that. One in particular said “She told us the day the Dome of the Rock was bombed would be the day of the Rapture.”No, that’s not what I said.You misunderstood. I said the day Miami was bombed. The Lord told me, “When you see the bombing of the Dome of the Rock, drop to your knees. That’s the beginning of WW3.” So that clarified, let’s move on.

It has deeply troubled me that there is still no sign of the Lord’s coming according to what He has told me. I had a very heavy burden for it all day today. So, when I came into prayer, I was aching inside and I felt the Lord was going to speak to me about this very topic. And He did! Here’s what transpired.

‘Lord, what am I to tell them? I am responsible before You for every word and I am not feeling the urgency. There is again a lull in my sense of imminence of you coming for us. Please, what am I to tell them?’

“Tell them to stop praying for their relatives. Tell them to stop praying for their country. Tell them to stop praying for the world. Then I will come much sooner.

 “Am I to ignore the believers that fast and pray and gather together praying for the nation? Am I to turn a deaf ear to My People when they humble themselves and turn to Me??”

There He’s quoting 2 Chronicles 7:14 “…if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

He continued, “It’s just that simple as that, Clare. If you are in such a hurry to be raptured, then stop praying.”

Lord the way I see it, forgive me if I’m wrong, there are three kinds of believers:The “weary-in-well-doing,” the bridesmaids that fell asleep, but are still waiting for your return. Then, the “true lovers,” who also are waiting and longing, but are doing all in their power to bring all mankind to You. Their lamps are still full. They are the ones who are holding back the Rapture, even though they look like the ones who can’t wait anymore. And finally, those who have been born again, but are busy in the world and don’t want to hear about Your coming.Is this your thinking or mine?

“It is Mine. I have put these thoughts in your mind, so I could help you see where you stand before Me.

“The ones who are anxious and in a hurry for Me to come have not conquered their flesh yet. They are wavering, growing weary and even falling asleep. Their lamps are empty. They react badly when I am delayed, to the point of wanting to give up and fall in with the rest of the world. Not at all concerned about the lost, they do not see.Yes, they give lip service and pray, but they’d rather be raptured now than suffer any more for the sake of the millions who are yet unsaved. They do not see as I see, think as I think, nor feel as I feel. Many on our channel are this way, My Bride. My Brides, I love you, but you must see yourselves in My mirror if what is left of your life is truly an offering to Me.

“The ones who are in the forefront of ministry, working hard while the day yet dawns, they are My Lovers.They are the very ones who will be Raptured, even against their will on a certain level.They are so in love with Me and dedicated to My agenda that they pray for the nation and the world, EXPECTING Me to hear them and grant leniency and mercy. These are the ones I am eager to have with Me in Heaven. They are the Bridesmaids with lamps full of oil.

“Then there are what I call the worldly and truly backslidden Christians who do what is convenient. They support missions, give to ministries and lead the ‘good’ life, enjoying certain aspects of the world. They, too, pray – but when push comes to shove, they will bail out or snap to. They are not well acquainted with suffering, not on the same scale as the Lovers are.

“Now I will address the readings you got for your service.”

I had a communion service just before I came into prayer.

‘The first reading. Lord, where do You want to start?’

In Peter: But do not forget this one thing, dear friends: With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day. 2 Peter 3:8

“Stop here,” Jesus said, “Yes, in Heaven time is altogether different. But when I speak to you, I speak of Earth time because that is what you live and understand. I do not speak to you in the heavenly concept of time.


 The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. Instead he is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance. 2Peter 3:9

 Jesus began again, “You look at Me and pray, ‘Lord have mercy on my family.’ Am I a deaf idol or do I respond by granting mercy??

 “You pray the divine Mercy Chaplet; am I again as one who cannot hear???

 “You weep over the rejection your relatives give you when they mock you. Am I not weeping with you? Do your tears and agony not move My heart to pity them and give them more grace, more time and more mercy??

“Those who continually say My mercy is at an end, are wrong. My mercy is everlasting from age to age.”

And then He quickened this Scripture to me: The steadfast love of the LORD never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness. Lamentations 3:23

“My people, you must take into consideration that My heart is pure gold, pure love, pure good. I abhor judgment. I hate having to mete out judgment. You have no way to reckon the pain I suffer at judgment. The murder of innocent children, pregnant women, young children… you have no idea what it costs me to mete out judgment.

“So, it shouldn’t surprise you that I am anxious to answer prayers for mercy. Have I not been telling you to pray? Have you not been praying for the unsaved and your families?

 “So, I ask you to pray, you pray and I ignore you??? Is that the kind of God you suppose I am?

 “What did Jonah do when the people were not slain in My anger? Are you not just like him? You prophesied judgment and I relented because they repented…now you want to lay down and die? Are you not all just like Jonah??

“I chide you, My Bride. I am not condemning you, I am drawing your attention to what is lacking before the saints in Heaven. They see this lack and they pray for mercy for you.

“And by the way, this knee-jerk reaction you have to anyone in Heaven praying for you comes from the enemy…it is pure nonsense. Literally. Shall not those in union with Me weep when I weep, rejoice when I rejoice, pray when I pray??? You ask your friends to pray for you, but the Cloud, watching your every move…they can’t? As I said – this is senseless.

“Just because one church abused this understanding, does that make it invalid? They abused baptism and marriage as well, charging money for it. So, do you abandon baptism and marriage too? I do not wish to go any deeper with this. Seek Me and I will show you the truth. In the meantime, those in Heaven and Earth and all creation are groaning on your behalf.

He quickened this Scripture to me from Romans 8: For we know that the whole creation groans and suffers the pains of childbirth together until now. And not only this, but also we ourselves, having the first fruits of the Spirit, even we ourselves groan within ourselves, waiting eagerly for our adoption as sons, the redemption of our body….Romans 8:22-23

Jesus continued, “Yes, creation groans, just as you groan. Weary of the corruption of this world.

“Now, you ask Me when, and I cannot tell you that until the Father reveals it to Me. I have chosen to stand behind the Scriptures. I can tell you other things that will happen on that day, but I cannot name the day. It is being kept from Me. I did tell you that a date had been set, but then I was given more time to gather and I told you time was being extended in very tiny increments. Then I clarified that and said the tiny increments were minute-to-minute. So, time is being extended minute-to-minute.

Do you know what I’d do….if I were living on Earth? I would say, ‘Do you know what I do first thing in the morning? I thank the Father for yet another minute to redeem souls. One more minute. I thank Him and I set My sights on those who are beginning to respond. That’s what I do.’

 “So, how do I feel about those who are eager for the Rapture? I am happy they are eager to see Me and be relieved of their suffering, which is only natural. But I am sad to see such selfishness that would have Me leave so many behind to suffer even more – and for eternity.

“And those who are about My business, pressing in? They make Me cry for joy. Why, you say? Because their hearts are one with Mine, and they comfort Me with their love for their brother.

“Which brings me to this: they are the Early Church at Philadelphia. Yes, they are the ones I have promised redemption and deliverance from the evil days that are to befall this Earth. My people, either you are for Me or against Me. Either you are listening and responding to My pain and ignoring yours, or you are complaining of the very things that will bring you the most merit and glory in Heaven. And joy to Me.

“My children, I hear every voice – do you understand?? I hear the voice of the unborn child in the womb. I hear the voice of the aged afflicted with Alzheimer’s. Yes. They, too, have a voice. And I hear every voice in between. How, then, do I justify crushing the needy in their anguish? Shall I not long for Mercy from My Father for these? I say these things just to acquaint you with My dilemma, not to condemn you. I want your hearts to correspond with Mine.

“Do you know this world should have been thrown into confusion, chaos and war a long time ago?? Yes, a LONG time ago. Do you know many of you weren’t as yet saved? Oh, shudder where you stand, you were Hell bound. And now am I to abandon those just like you to the Abyss??

“I will not. And I want you on MY side, on My Father’s side. Yes, listen up My people, GET MY HEART for the lost and stop tempting your God with judgment on these. Prove to Me that you are My true spouse, that all that matters to you is what matters to Me. Do you know all of Heaven is united to Me in desire and prayer? Well, it is.

“So, this is what I am doing. For all of you. And this even benefits the lukewarm and gives them a little time to wake up. I am giving you joyous things to do for Me. Things you were born to do, I am giving you. I am bringing out your talents so that you won’t grow bored and weary but will press in and blossom. You may very well get picked from this earthly garden before you blossom. Such is the nature of timing. However, you will be in the process of blossoming. You will not be sitting beside the road steeped in self-pity and bemoaning your sufferings here. No, you will be rising up to take the Kingdom by storm, with the particular attributes I have endowed you with.

“Yes! You will be productive, IF you obey Me. I want you to forget earthly time, because I still do not know the day or the hour and I don’t want to look down on a dour bride bemoaning My delay. It is not in My hands. Do you understand? It is in the Father’s hands, and in the meantime, I must appease My Bride and get her to focus on the good yet to be done.So, you see (I hope you see) I am bending over backwards to bring joy to your lives in these circumstances. Yes, I am pouring it on. Ask and you shall receive. Some of you still have not pressed in far enough to know what it is you can or should be doing. Until that is revealed to you, do whatever your hand finds to do to bring Me to others.

 “I will lead you by necessity. I will bring needs to your attention. Be sensitive and respond. You do not know how I will write straight with crooked lines. Just be obedient and do whatever your hand finds to do to make me real to others. By your obedience, I will lead you.

 “Alright, now we come to the crux of the situation. And for this I want you to listen very carefully.

 And He quoted 2Peter 3:10 “But the day of the Lord will come like a thief.”

“Now. Have you ever been robbed? Were you expecting it??

 “Right. You were not, it was a surprise. This is just a microscopic scenario of what will happen.

“Suzanne is busy at the nursing home. She works there, but also volunteers. She has just organized a musical presentation about Heaven for the senior citizens and is in the middle of getting props together with other volunteers. All of a sudden, she hears the sound of the trumpet and the Earth begins to shake.Immediately, she knows what it is, and she looks up at me and says, “Now? I was just……” but before the word of complaint can escape her mouth, she is taken up into My waiting arms.

 “Across town, Alex has just begun a Bible study in the park. This is his third week. He hesitated to do this for so long, but because He heard that I wanted him to press in, he went forward with it.So, here he is with a group of homeless men who are really beginning to enjoy the simple teachings and gracious meals he’s been bringing to them. They are seeing the gospel in action. All of a sudden, they hear a roar in the skies and hear trumpets blazing!! Alex looks up at Me and says, “But Lord, I’m just beginning!”

 “Two towns away, Lisa has just been abandoned by her husband because of her faith. She has three little ones to take care of on her own now. She’s being put up by some friends from the church and at long last polishing up some songs she wrote and learning how to play them and sing. This coming Sunday will be her debut – she’s been invited to sing one of her songs to Me, in church. A deafening roar penetrates the house.The children who were napping are all waking up. ‘Mom, what’s happening?’ She puts her guitar down, runs to the window and there I am ‘Now, Lord? I just mastered this song….’ she begins. But before she could finish, she’s taken up with Me and her children.

“Ethel is organizing a bazaar to help with the medical expenses of a child with cancer. The church is packed with donations and she’s just organizing and labeling them with her two volunteers. All of a sudden, she hears the roar and trumpets blazing as well. Her mouth drops open as she’s taken up to meet Me in the clouds.

“Now, for all of you naysayers. Don’t write in to this channel, talking about how Miami has to happen first. I’ve established that. I’m speaking to you here about principles, not details.”

Then the Lord quoted another Scripture, Luke 12:40. “The Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect”

He continued, “Do you all get the point? Have I made Myself clear? Whatever you see before you that needs to be done, do it! For Love of Me and your brother and you will be joyously surprised in the midst of it. You won’t be expecting Me. Just as the Scripture says, you will be taken by surprise!

 “Why do you suppose I put it that way?”

And then He brought to mind: “…make every effort to be found spotless, blameless and at peace with him. Bear in mind that our Lord’s patience means salvation, just as our dear brother Paul also wrote you with the wisdom that God gave him. 2 Peter 1:5

“And for My final word to you, I knew this was going to happen. I knew it, I wrote it, and it’s been passed onto you.

“The bridegroom was delayed a long time, they all became drowsy and fell asleep.” Matt 25:5

“He was delayed a long time because He was on a search and rescue mission and just when He thought the last one was found, more started coming up out of the crevices of the mountain, running towards Him. What was He to do? Keep on going or stop and pick up the tender lambs in His arms, and bring them home.

 “You see, the world does not revolve around you. It revolves around the ones who still have not been found. I am not in the position to call the question. The Father IS. And when He sees fit, I will get the call to come get you. Until then I am busy about My Father’s business, and I am asking you to be as well, My Bride.

 “Eternity is assured to you, but for many there is no hope. Remember, the Shepherd left the 99 and went after the one, and you must do likewise.As you are lifting this precious one in your arms, the trumpet will sound, and you, too, will look up into the skies and ask, ‘Now Lord? but..’

 “Know for a certainty, that every time I am teaching you, I am imparting the graces to move on that teaching. To correspond and set your hand to the plow. Even now, I am showering you with the graces to turn your hearts around and wrap them around Mine. I love you, My Bride. We are going to do this together. And on that day you will look at Me and declare, ‘Lord, I’m so happy you delayed your coming.Look at theseI have brought you for a wedding present.'”

 taken from : WHAT’S DELAYING THE RAPTURE?April 24, 2016


Tonight, I ran across – or was brought to my attention a certain prophecy about an asteroid. And the Lord has not spoken to me in great detail about that. Neither has He spoken to me about the timing. So, needless to say, I was a little confused on how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together in terms of when would the Rapture happen.

So, I came to Him and I said, “Lord, I don’t know what to make of all these things. It is so confusing. We didn’t go looking for it, but it came to us. I know You give different pieces of the puzzle to different prophets. I just don’t know what to think?

He answered me immediately, and He said, “Would you like Me to clarify it for you?”

I wanted to make sure it was Him and I wasn’t inventing something. His face became clear as He lifted my chin and said, “I am speaking with you.”

Oh, thank you, sweet lover of my soul. (He melted when I said that.)

“This is not my favorite subject, but I don’t like to see confusion amongst My People, either.

“There indeed will be a comet and it will hit Puerto Rico. Millions will be killed. For this My heart grieves.”

Lord, please overwrite my ideas, my concepts and my opinions. And don’t allow me to get into this at all. I really just want straight answers from You. So, please speak to me in such a way that I do not insert one thing. (’cause I have my ideas and preferences, and I know they can get in the way.)

He answered me, “Alright then, this will happen before the Rapture.”

Before the Rapture? (that was the LAST thing I wanted to hear!!)

He confirmed it. He said, “Yes. Why do you think I sent you that dream?”

He’s talking about someone who had a dream a year ago, and finally posted it to our channel in the Comments section. And it was another one of those things that I couldn’t quite make the puzzle pieces fit with the knowledge that the Lord had given me. So, I was waiting for Him to put everything in order.

And this is what the dream said:

I was with my family in our house in northern California and we were deeply concerned. Terribly hard times and disasters had taken place in our nation, and we had managed to get through it all, but something had occurred in the east and was heading our direction that was beyond our ability to survive. We knew we only had a few seconds to live.

I looked at my husband and two teens and said, “Let’s ask Jesus to make us ready to meet Him.” We all bowed our heads and as I started to pray, “Jesus, please make us ready to meet You…..” there was a loud EXPLOSION OF POWER from within us and we were instantly glowing! I couldn’t even see any distinct features of our bodies because we were all like bright white glowing stars!

Try looking at the sun— we were that bright!!! I knew that it was the power of the Holy Spirit within us! It was the power of the resurrection of Christ exploding in us and totally changing us! Like we were wired with all the voltage of a star and God threw the switch!

Then there was a loud boom like a clap of thunder and I saw a blue streak of lightening go through the very center of all of us and instantly we were shot out of our home like rockets going at light speed.

We WERE light and we were traveling at the speed of light. I couldn’t open my eyes, but I knew when I did, I would find myself in Heaven. Literally, in the blink of an eye!!! I just shouted out, “Praise Jesus!” I just couldn’t stop praising Him! I woke up with so much joy and peace and excitement! !!!

That was the end of the dream.

So, I said to the Lord, “That was so I could get it. So, you sent the dream.’

“That’s right. So, I could fill you in. You see,the bombs will throw the Earth off its axis; it will reel like a drunkard. Foolish men, did you think your children would survive this? The Earth will be a very different place in the aftermath of this comet. But you will not be there to experience that.Just as in the woman’s dream, you will be translated and taken from the Earth.Just as Ezekiel dreamt, I will swoop you up ahead of this monstrosity, just as in his dream.”

And then, this is Ezekiel’s dream:

December 6, 2015  We were on a highway in a convertible with the top down, going west. All of a sudden, strong winds started blowing from behind us from the east. I turned to see what it was and there were dark clouds rolling and swirling in the sky. At first they were grayish and overcast, then they turned to dark, black storm clouds with loud rumbling that saturated and totally overtook the air – it was SO loud and ominous, almost like it had a life of its own. Screams were heard. This blackness swept up everything in its path.The sky above us and out in front of us was clear and sunny like a typical southwestern day.

As the clouds continued to churn and roll they started to take a strange shape and began forming into the well-defined image of a scull. All the clouds in the image were moving at a high speed, almost as if it were going to overtake us. You could hear people screaming behind us as this thing cloaked them in darkness.

At this point, we were accelerating and driving very fast to try and get away from it, along with several other cars. Suddenly, from the NE, you could see a large white horse galloping in the air. It became very clear and there was a chariot behind it and many other horses and riders. As it got closer, you could see that Jesus was in the chariot, wearing all white with a crown on His head. He outran the clouds and the skull and came in behind us. He was waving His arms almost like He was herding sheep and getting us grouped in and moving forward. You could still hear the awful screams and shrieks from behind the Lord’s army where blackness was overtaking them.

The Lord and His army had formed a barrier between us and the devastation and we were gaining some distance ahead of it, moving really fast. I had the sense that we were either up in the air or that we were about to be taken up in the air. That’s where the dream ended.

The Lord continued, “Well, now you have some details. Are you settled about all of this?”

So, the sequence of events: Dome of the Rock, World War3, Peace Treaty, Comet, Rapture?

He answered, “The war will put the Earth in the line of impact for the comet. Miami, the comet – all in the same day. You will not be here for the darkness and the wind.”

I made a mistake in rendering this on the first video. What the Lord had said was the order of events was correct, except the peace treaty would not happen until AFTER the Rapture and we would not be here to see that. Just wanted to clarify that for you, because I had forgotten to say “no peace treaty because we were gone.” There will be a peace treaty, of course. But we will not be here to see it. We will be gone before then. You will not be here for the darkness and the wind.

“The Earth will be re-ordered: physically, electromagnetically, climate and features. This will be man’s doing, Clare. I never intended for this comet to hit Earth. It will happen because ignorant men listened to demons and allowed pride and greed to overrun their consciences, thinking that if they destroyed 2/3 of humanity, somehow the Earth would be a better place to live. (that is with nuclear war) Little did they know that filling Hell would cause the Earth to expand and their underground cities would become their underground tombs.”

And I answered Him and said, “Ok, so you are saying, first the Dome of the Rock being destroyed will precipitate WW3, then when Russia bombs Miami, and North Korea invades from the Gulf of Mexico, that very same day, the comet will hit the Earth and we will be Raptured?”

He continued, “The comet will graze the Earth and keep on going.”

Keep on going?

“That’s right. It will inflict a gash and continue out into outer space again. It will not stop here. It is 2 miles in diameter, very large. You need to understand there are debris and gasses traveling with this and that will do much of the damage. It will survive past the Earth.

 “This is not fear mongering, My Love. This is simply fact and consequence of man tampering with the Earth, and yes. CERN will also have to do with it as well.

 “The enemy is exultant over this event, knowing that Hell will be filling up very quickly. That will contribute to the shifting of continental plates, land mass movement, earthquakes and devastating tsunamis.”

Lord! How do you prepare for such events???

“Put your trust in Me. Confess your sins, forgive your enemies, and stay repentant. Scatter works of mercy all around you, waste no time coming to the aid of your neighbor, whoever they might be. And most of all, pray for Mercy.”

He continued, “You were right to equate the final judgment with works that will either condemn or balance the weight of a human’s existence on the Earth. Yes, the Book of Life will be opened, the ledgers will be brought forth and although I paid for your souls in full, your merits during your lifetime will also be weighed against your sins.

“This is the second judgment which is not meant for My Bride, but for the souls waiting in the bowels of the Earth because they did not accept and live for Me.This will be a time of extreme sorrow for many. Souls either harken to My warnings in the spirit that ‘they have been judged and found lacking,’ or they ignore the warnings, sealing off their own access to their troubled conscience so it will trouble no more.

“People of the Earth, you who have not received Me into your hearts, do you know there will come an hour when you stand before the Judge of Heaven and Earth? Do you know that your conscience has been warning you throughout your lives that something is seriously amiss inside of you? Do you know that there are consequences to ignoring Me?I have knocked and knocked at your door, but you refuse to open to Me. Now you are in the anteroom of horrors that are to come upon the Earth, and many of you have obstinately locked the door and ignored Me.

 “If you die in this state, you will never see your relatives that accepted Me, again. You will never see your beloved pets that I sent on loan to you to comfort you in your sorrows. You will never see your grand-babies again and you will live in the Lake of Fire with the Devil and his evil angels for eternity.Not an hour, a day, a week or a lifetime, but forever.The choice is yours. You know you are not right with Me. Your spouses and children and parents have told you about My love over and over again, but you have scorned and rejected Me.

“I cannot help you in the day of trouble. It will be too late.You will be petrified at what is coming upon the Earth, heading your way within hours, if you even have that warning. There will be no escape for you. It will be so sudden that your mind will be jammed in overload. You will not repent or receive Me then.Rather you will be dragged by demons down to Hell where you will be assigned a place of torment, where worms eat your flesh and it grows back, only to be eaten again. Where fire burns with excruciating pain, only to heal again and be burned again. Over and over and over again throughout eternity.

“So, I am making this final appeal to you. I do indeed love you. Every blessing in your life came from the generosity of My heart. I will forgive you for those crimes against mankind if you will but admit your fault and ask Me to grant you the grace of repentance.

“Some of you have run with an evil crowd your entire life, you have stolen from the poor, murdered the innocent, incarcerated those not guilty, and done everything in your lives from a motive of serving yourself and your children. But nonetheless, I went to Calvary and laid down My life for everything you did. Now I am inviting you to repent, because when these catastrophes – which even some of you have been involved in planning…when they occur, there will be no time left for you to repent.

“So, I am asking you – speak to Me, I am listening. Tell Me, ‘Jesus, I know I have sinned. I know I have avoided facing what I’ve done and indeed I know there is little time left. Forgive me, have mercy on me and receive me into Your Kingdom. I know You died for my sins. From this day forth, I turn my back on my sinful ways and with Your help, I will live my life for You. Amen.’

 He continued, “What is necessary here is that you say this with all your heart, you truly repent for the evil you have done, you truly want to change and give your life to Me, the Son of the Living God who died for you and rose again. Without true repentance, there is little hope for you. Reach out to Me but one step forward and I will draw you into My everlasting and loving arms and you will find peace for your soul. My children, do this now. There is little time left and for many of you, there will be no time when calamity hits the Earth.

 “Repent now and I will forgive now. And regardless of what happens on this Earth, you will be in Heaven with Me for eternity.”

taken from: War Comet Rapture Treaty-Order of Events April 25, 2016


This next message was given to one of the Prayer Warriors, from the Father. It was given BEFORE time was extended, but this was His warning when things were still on track:

The Father began, “My dearest daughter, many terrible and frightening things are going to occur in the next several weeks. Some of these, dearest one, can be averted or minimized, while others, at last, must occur. At its worst, the entire world will be affected. At its best, thousands upon thousands will still suffer, while all, on some level, will feel their effects, for I cannot go back upon Myself.

 “If I ask you to drop to your knees and pray, I truly mean for you to drop to your knees, wherever you may be, and whatever you may be doing. In these matters, the judgment of Man will not matter. My Will is all that matters.”

 And I wanted to add to that, the Lord Jesus had spoken to me and said drop to our knees in prayer when the Dome of the Rock is bombed. So, I can relate to what He’s saying here. We’ve already gotten that mandate. But it’s not just an allegory, it’s a serious command. To drop to your knees and pray.

 The Father continued, “This is what I ask of all, but the greatest burden will fall to My faithful. Pray, beloved children, pray! There will be whole days where you may be directed to remain in prayer. My Holy Spirit will direct you in your prayers. The prayers will burgeon and flow through you without effort, as Living Waters, to the parched areas of this Earth that need them. They will rise upward to Me like the sweetest of fragrant incense, and I will hear your prayers. Your prayers will help to determine what will transpire…what punishments will befall those who transgressed My Laws and My Will. Your prayers DO matter!

 “Listen to Me, My dearest, beloved children — I love you all dearly; each and every one of you…from what you consider ‘the best’ to the very worst. You are ALL My beloved children. And yet, the time is nigh for Me to dispense judgment upon those who have transgressed. Prophecy must be fulfilled. Some of you have offered to ‘stand in the gap’ for these individuals and these nations; I will call upon you to evaluate your decision seriously. Pray on these matters. For, if you so choose, you WILL be called upon to do so. This is not a simple task, as some of you have already discovered. Many have already felt the brunt of retaliatory attacks meted out by the enemy for your efforts; and it is only by My Will, and by My Assistance, that you have survived these attacks. 

 “You must cleave to Me, dear children! All of you! But especially those of you who choose to stand in the gap and suffer for those who have transgressed. Know, My dear children, that your recent efforts have borne much fruit for the Kingdom of God. Many more of My children are returning home. My heart weeps with gladness at your efforts. The fragrance is as sweet as My finest wines. Many of you have suffered in order for these wayward ones to return; and your suffering has been the sweetest of all gifts. How tenderly they touch My Heart. For My Heart has often been battered and My labors scorned, and your efforts come as sweet consolation during a painful time. 

 “Know how much I love you, dear ones. And know that your endeavors during these coming weeks will matter greatly. Please be obedient, even if you do not understand why you are being asked to do something. I ask you not to grow weary and give in to the apathy of the World about you. I love you and kiss you tenderly, My children. I bless you all with My strength, fortitude, endurance, long-suffering, and with the knowledge that I hold you each tenderly within the shelter of My body. I will arm you. I will protect you during your efforts. Cleave to me! All of Heaven awaits in silence.”

 taken from: Great Suffering is About to Befall the World, Prophetic Word July 2, 2016


Now – for those concerned about their children:

Lord, You asked me to pray for my children. I really don’t want them to be left behind, but I don’t see any remedy in sight.

And the Lord said, “The Dome.”

And I said, “Really?”

“Yes, really. We’re very close. That’s why I need your prayers. Of all the prayers for your children, it is the mother’s heart that are the most important, that they will not be left behind. Don’t give up on praying for them. Don’t give up.”

Okay, I’m really going to try, Jesus.

 … My Blessed Ones, I need you to repent for the sins of the world. Bring them to the throne of the Father and beg Mercy. Beg Mercy, for time is so short. And I am not willing that ANY should perish.

taken from: Be Without Guile and Repent for the World March 10, 2016



“Now, you had several questions of Me about the Al-Aqsa Mosque?”

That’s the Dome of the Rock.

He continued, “This event is still underway and planned. However, there are other scenarios, as well. And with prayer, I have been able to take them down, such as the bombs on the ship.”

There were bombs on a Chinese ship. It was headed for DC and I’m not sure where else. New York, DC and various government agencies.

He continued, “They are no longer a threat. But there are still many threats, not the least of which is the Muslim jihadists.  When the Dome of the Rock is destroyed, unless something changes, cell groups will be activated. This is something I want you all prepared for.  

 “Yes, you see it could come nigh your dwelling. But My angels are stationed and it is My Spirit that inspired Ezekiel to pray Psalm 91 every day over the family.”

…Jesus continued, “With every member of the clay feet that is brought to justice, the risk increases. Prayer is no longer any kind of option; it is an absolute necessity. And I want you to make that perfectly clear to the Channel. The greatest protection you have is prayer. Guns are not an option—you are way outnumbered. That time may come, but not when you are still here. 

 “You see how important this is?”

I do, Lord.

“Please get everyone to pray Psalm 91 and be on the alert for activated cells. You have many in Taos, believe it or not. For the most part, they are trained to go out of the area. This will be safer than the cities.

 “But do not incite fear, incite prayer.