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Why does God even love us if we are so wicked? I’m afraid He’ll destroy me because I don’t have enough faith.

There’s something very revealing in this question from a listener. Let’s look at this question a little more closely. God doesn’t love us “even though” we are wicked. He hates the wickedness that man does. But there’s a BIG difference between sinful men and wicked deeds. Everyone is born a sinner – we can’t help it. It’s because of the… Read more »

Seeing Others Through the Eyes of Christ.. NOT through Our own Personal Opinions

Many well-meaning Christians will immediately, negatively judge another Christian who may belong to any form of organized religion or denomination, especially the Catholic denomination.   Our Lord wants us to see others not through our own eyes, but through HIS eyes… and He reads a person’s heart and motives whereas we tend to judge others by appearances.            There are many Christians… Read more »