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Purgatory – Where Is That in the Bible

May 14, 2019 Thank You, precious Lord Jesus, for explaining to us the laws of Heaven and Holiness. Mercy Lord, Mercy. Amen. My dear ones, all the prayers in the world will do little for the man or woman who belittles and emotionally injures their spouse. What do you suppose… You can go to church, tithe, go to men’s breakfast… Read more »

Can you please tell me what “hail Mary” is and if this is something we should say/use?

I am very unfamiliar with all of this but when I looked up the rosary prayer, there’s a lot of hail Mary’s in there. What are the benefits, if any? Answer: “Hail” is the King James translation of the Greeting spoken in Luke 1 by the Angel of God. When you are praying Scripture, your prayers have a double impact…. Read more »

If all of us thought of ourselves a lot less as either Protestants or Catholics,

…and a lot more as the laid-down-lovers-of-Jesus that we are all striving to be, it would be oh, so easy for all of us to share our love with the selfless, all-loving Mother Mary. You know, I find it fascinating that of all Christians, the Christians on this Channel, folks who have heard more fantastical aspects of all things spiritual,… Read more »