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Can you please tell me what “hail Mary” is and if this is something we should say/use?

I am very unfamiliar with all of this but when I looked up the rosary prayer, there’s a lot of hail Mary’s in there. What are the benefits, if any? Answer: “Hail” is the King James translation of the Greeting spoken in Luke 1 by the Angel of God. When you are praying Scripture, your prayers have a double impact…. Read more »

If all of us thought of ourselves a lot less as either Protestants or Catholics,

…and a lot more as the laid-down-lovers-of-Jesus that we are all striving to be, it would be oh, so easy for all of us to share our love with the selfless, all-loving Mother Mary. You know, I find it fascinating that of all Christians, the Christians on this Channel, folks who have heard more fantastical aspects of all things spiritual,… Read more »