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But I thought I received “my gift” when I was saved?

A listener wrote: I have always understood that even though we all receive the Holy Spirit when we are baptized in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit starts to work within us immediately to develop/nourish whatever gifts are granted to us by the will of the Father. Not everyone receives all the gifts and… Read more »

Can I Heal the Sick?

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Not on your own, but Jesus can and will heal through you. Healing is a gift available to ALL through the power of Holy Spirit. (It is much more readily available to you if you are Baptized in the Holy Spirit – see our article here on that subject.)  Scripture tells us in Mark 16:16-18 “He who has believed and… Read more »

Is the Baptism of the Holy Spirit really necessary?

We initially receive the Holy Spirit at the point of salvation. Jesus promised Holy Spirit would come after He ascended again from His death on the Cross. At this point, they had become “believers” – they had seen His life, death and resurrection again and believed that He was the Son of God. Jesus imparted Holy Spirit on the disciples… Read more »