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What Did Scripture Mean: Mary’s Soul Would Be Pierced, too?

In part of a longer message about His Passion, Jesus addressed what Simeon meant by telling Mary that ‘a sword will pierce even her own soul.’ Speaking of the prayers ‘The Stations of the Cross’: “The fruits of these meditations are magnificent beyond the finest and most flawless gems. The pricelessness of the whole world and activity of My Heart… Read more »

Why Do Some ‘Keep Jesus on the Cross’? Wasn’t that ‘once and done’??

We’ve been asked this question often over the years, especially targeted at those Believers and churches that have crucifixes with Jesus ‘still’ on them. Jesus answered this question directly to Clare one day: After worship and communion, and the Stations of the Cross prayers, I sat quietly before the Lord and He began by asking me a question. “Do you… Read more »