Why Do Some ‘Keep Jesus on the Cross’? Wasn’t that ‘once and done’??

We’ve been asked this question often over the years, especially targeted at those Believers and churches that have crucifixes with Jesus ‘still’ on them. Jesus answered this question directly to Clare one day:

After worship and communion, and the Stations of the Cross prayers, I sat quietly before the Lord and He began by asking me a question.

“Do you know why I wanted you to pray the Stations of the Cross with Me?”

No, Lord. I don’t.

“I want you to enter into My Passion more fully. There are parts of your heart that have iced over, Clare. They are too sensitive and you’ve chilled them to stop the hurting.  But I need to reawaken those parts of your heart. They need to be fully alive, My Bride, in order for you and I to be in perfect union.”

Oh Jesus, the very thought makes me sick at heart.

“I know. That’s why you’ve closed them off. But when you did that, you also closed off other parts of your heart I need fully functioning and alive. So, just be patient with Me as I reawaken them. You will not regret it.”

Yes, I remember from years ago, it can be excruciatingly sweet to enter into Your passion and meditate on what you went through.

“Well, I want you there with Me.

 “Do you hear Me, My Brides?  So much of My living example has been written off and buried. So much has been sealed up and labeled a no-go zone.  ‘Jesus died and rose again and now He’s not on that cross anymore.’  That is what has been accepted as the norm.

 “How far from the truth that is! As long as there is one human being unsaved or hurting, the wounds of My crucifixion remain open, bleeding and throbbing. Men have closed off that part of My life, because it is too painful for them to look at. But in so doing, they have discouraged access to the deepest mysteries of My incarnation. This place, where I want you to go with Me, contains all the answers to your suffering in this life, including the grace to endure without bitterness. When you accompany Me with the way of My cross, I accompany you along the way of your cross, and My example gives you the courage to press on.

“In this place there is open access to the inner chambers of My heart, the preciousness of your salvation, what I undertook for you. Who I truly am, and that My compassion knows no boundaries. Neither does My Love. In this place, you will come to know that truth, not with your intellect but with the full force of your human emotions which I created you to have and enjoy and bring you into a depth beyond logic, beyond reason and beyond the intellect.

 “God is Love. That is what is said about Me.  But to know this love, you must journey in My heart and experience Me. When Rick Joyner dreamt of the different rooms in Heaven, he was experiencing the treasures of My passion, and exactly what that accomplished. But I will say this – you as humans will never know the depth of love I had and still have, that caused Me to descend from Heaven and submit My Holy flesh to corrupt men in this corrupted world. 

 “The fruits of these meditations are magnificent beyond the finest and most flawless gems. The pricelessness of the whole world and activity of My Heart for humankind are revealed through them.  What I accomplished is a mystery I long to share with My Bride. That is why I have called and requested that the stations be prayed. 

 “When you enter into the mysteries of My cross, you are reliving the sentiments of My mother’s heart the day I was crucified. She was indeed the very first Christian and responded to My mission with her whole heart. She invested her entire self in Me, Clare. And with Me she longed for the redemption, even to the piercing of her heart, that the thoughts of many may be revealed.”

from the video/message: The Deep Things of God. April 20, 2016

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