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I know that this doctrine of Mary to a Protestant believer could be a tough pill to swallow…

…and I know it has been for me—because it went against most everything that I was raised to believe. However up until this message, I do not believe there is anything you have taught about this subject that has been contrary to Scripture. But now, dearest Clare, I ask you go discernment about this bowing to images. To me this is… Read more »

Question: Where in Scripture does it tell us to even pray for each other – much less ask one of them to pray?

…so how can we pray with Mary – or any others who have died?  You’re correct, Dear. But you cannot read Scripture with men’s thoughts clouding your mind. Ask Holy Spirit to help you understand. We who are now alive on this Earth, and die in the Lord – NEVER DIE. We continue on in our work for the Kingdom… Read more »