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Purgatory – Where Is That in the Bible

May 14, 2019 Thank You, precious Lord Jesus, for explaining to us the laws of Heaven and Holiness. Mercy Lord, Mercy. Amen. My dear ones, all the prayers in the world will do little for the man or woman who belittles and emotionally injures their spouse. What do you suppose… You can go to church, tithe, go to men’s breakfast… Read more »

What Did Scripture Mean: Mary’s Soul Would Be Pierced, too?

In part of a longer message about His Passion, Jesus addressed what Simeon meant by telling Mary that ‘a sword will pierce even her own soul.’ Speaking of the prayers ‘The Stations of the Cross’: “The fruits of these meditations are magnificent beyond the finest and most flawless gems. The pricelessness of the whole world and activity of My Heart… Read more »

Why Do Some ‘Keep Jesus on the Cross’? Wasn’t that ‘once and done’??

We’ve been asked this question often over the years, especially targeted at those Believers and churches that have crucifixes with Jesus ‘still’ on them. Jesus answered this question directly to Clare one day: After worship and communion, and the Stations of the Cross prayers, I sat quietly before the Lord and He began by asking me a question. “Do you… Read more »

I know that this doctrine of Mary to a Protestant believer could be a tough pill to swallow…

…and I know it has been for me—because it went against most everything that I was raised to believe. However up until this message, I do not believe there is anything you have taught about this subject that has been contrary to Scripture. But now, dearest Clare, I ask you go discernment about this bowing to images. To me this is… Read more »

My friends and I do not know how to read the Bible.

Thanks for explaining the scriptures, Clare. You are doing a good job really. ❤  I was afraid of God at the beginning reading the scriptures. But on this Channel you are showing me the truth. Now when I understand finally what Jesus said in this story. It is like a shock which moves my heart greatly. Yes, I do wait… Read more »

This kind of prayer (rosary) is good except the part where it says “Holy Queen Mary” which is idolatry.

No, it is not idolatry, never is it said she is God. What IS SAID between the lines, is that she was faithful on Earth, therefore in Heaven she is given greater tasks. What do you call someone who has been crowned? How many times does Scripture tell us about our Crowns? There are many queens and kings in the… Read more »

Question: Where in Scripture does it tell us to even pray for each other – much less ask one of them to pray?

…so how can we pray with Mary – or any others who have died?  You’re correct, Dear. But you cannot read Scripture with men’s thoughts clouding your mind. Ask Holy Spirit to help you understand. We who are now alive on this Earth, and die in the Lord – NEVER DIE. We continue on in our work for the Kingdom… Read more »

I am Catholic and have prayed the rosary my whole life…

I died unexpectedly during labor, and remember when I was carried to Heaven and found myself in front of Jesus. He was SOOOOO loving and kind!! No one can describe how amazing it feels to be in His presence!! He was NOT displeased or offended by my respect for His mother during my life, I assure you! He showed me… Read more »