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The Power of Prayer and Obedience: A personal testimony

  For many months now at Still Small Voice, the Lord has been teaching us about prayer and obedience; how it is needful to our greatest benefit and most pleasing to Him. He has asked me now to share two personal stories that will underline to you who have been left behind the IMPORTANCE of Trusting Him in both prayer… Read more »

The Bible warns us against “vain repetitions.” What does that mean?  

  Matthew 6:7 states: “And when you pray, do not keep on babbling like pagans, for they think they will be heard because of their many words.” Many don’t understand what Jesus was saying here, and start decrying any prayers that repeat phrases as “vain repetition”. Let’s take a closer look. In the times when Jesus lived, the Gentiles (who… Read more »

Were there different requirements for those who were Raptured? Why did some people make it, and some church people not?

A listener to the Channel asked this question before the Rapture: “My question is regarding the beach scene (in a dream posted on the “Powerful Dream 600 mph Tsunami Hits San Francisco Mar 2, 2016” video) where the Rapture is mentioned. Jesus commanded the one dreaming to tell everyone about Him so they could be raptured. Does this mean everyone… Read more »

History of Divination vs. Discernment in Hebrew Tradition

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word bibliomancy  “divination by books, or by verses of the Bible” was first recorded in 1753 Although some Christian and Jewish groups believe that the Bible forbids divination in general, Deuteronomy strictly forbids specifically nahash and me’onen. The literal meaning of nahash is hissing, though it can be extended to whispering, and it has historically been understood to refer to enchantment; me’onen is derived from the… Read more »