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It was many years ago that my heart had rest about Mary

…despite the nagging problems I had had with reconciling the Scripture about the brothers of Jesus.  However, the message I received that clarified her place was in the form of a question that was posed to me in the Spirit. And that was, “How Holy is your God? 99%? 99.99999%?” I immediately understood. I now pose the same question to… Read more »

Dear ones,
I’ve been absent from your Youtube Channel for some time now.

But always keeping an eye, and praying.When I participated there, under the name of “Rose,” I was sometimes puzzled, even scandalized, because I hardly could name Mary, our Blessed Mother, without feeling I was setting a lot of hearts in deep disturbance. It was painful to read some remarks about her. And I thought to that to speak back or… Read more »

A few weeks before Jesus began training us on Mary the Lord took me to Heaven

and introduced me to Mary. This has been a pattern since I began following Heartdwellers in 2015. Jesus took my hand as I was walking mid-summer with my little girl. Suddenly, I was singing praises while driving, working, doing chores, on the phone with others – Blessed be the name of the Lord, Hosanna in the highest! He began instruction… Read more »