If all of us thought of ourselves a lot less as either Protestants or Catholics,

…and a lot more as the laid-down-lovers-of-Jesus that we are all striving to be, it would be oh, so easy for all of us to share our love with the selfless, all-loving Mother Mary.

You know, I find it fascinating that of all Christians, the Christians on this Channel, folks who have heard more fantastical aspects of all things spiritual, more so than any Disney movie or Marvel Comic could ever produce… We accept it all, scooping it all up with a big ol’ spiritual spoon, panting as the deer pants until that next message. And yet, here we are—stumbling. Rejecting one whom we truly have more in common with than any other being this side of Heaven!

And yet there, therein lies the problem. Seriously, think on this. Reason this out.

You know, it is much like reading that one amazing book, reaching that one special place in the story when you are so moved, so touched emotionally, that you dare not finish reading for fear that the remaining pages will let you down, stealing your joy and your heartbreak.

Well, I say to you, go on, finish reading the book! You will love all the more for doing so…

Blessings to you all.


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