Secret Rapture, Three Days of Darkness, Our Discernment Process, True or False?   12/14/14


I’ve been asked several times what I thought about the prophecies where the chosen-out ones were waiting for the 3 days of darkness that is to happen before the Rapture. As the prophecy goes, during these 3 days the chosen ones will be raptured ahead of the Bride, trained for 3 days, and return to the Earth in glorified bodies. I was asked to join them by one of the women. I honestly sought the Lord about this without wanting an immediate answer, because I didn’t want to influence my answer by my own desires.

Sometimes our desires are so strong that they eclipse the Lord speaking to us, because He is very delicate and gentle. It sounds absolutely fabulous to me, I have to admit. I was torn between fulfilling my mission and not enough time because of the impending Rapture. Somehow being allowed to return to the Earth during the tribulation to help with the harvest would be an absolute dream come true. Let me say right now this idea was really awesome and the answer to all my conflicting feelings about being taken before my time, so to speak.

Well, the Lord knows how I am and as He was advising me about another situation with one of the women involved, He mentioned this to me. Before I tell you what He said, I would like to take you through my steps in discernment and share them with you. When I first heard of the secret rapture I felt an immediate check in my spirit. Deep down in my gut, something didn’t feel right – but I put my feelings on hold and patiently listened to the explanation being given. Then a more firm check in my spirit caused me to stop right there. I took it to my covering, my husband. His immediate reaction was the very same as mine. Something didn’t feel right. I have to admit I was a little disappointed, because it would have solved all my problems with not finishing my mission here on Earth.

The next step is Ezekiel went to The Bible Promises three times for a confirmation from the Holy Spirit. He bound the lying spirit before He opened the book.

The first reading the Holy Spirit led him to was under the heading of Lying. “A false witness shall not be unpunished and he that speaks lies shall perish” (Proverbs 19:9).

Let me stop right here and tell you I am not accusing anyone of lying – but I don’t care how solid your prophetic gift has been: God alone is without error and perfect. We all make mistakes. Sometimes a lying spirit will tag along and that is to say you could be having a perfectly good and valid conversation with the Lord and there may be a pause and He may, for His own reasons, allow that demon to interject something untrue. I will not even venture to say why He does, because there are many different reasons. All of them are very good for our souls. At that point, it’s not God’s messenger that is lying, it’s a lying spirit saying something untrue. So, please don’t jump to conclusions and please don’t accuse someone of being a false prophet, or that they’re lying.

The next confirmation was under the heading Jealousy.

The Scripture that registered with him was in James 3:16, “For where you have envy and selfish ambition there you find disorder and every evil practice.”

I want to take a moment and say something about this. I think it’s really important that we never, ever judge a person’s motive when given a prophecy. Only God knows the motives of that person. That’s His job. To take on His authority and take that upon ourselves is not right. That’s what I believe. Who knows where the selfish ambition is if it’s quickened by the Holy Spirit and that’s the aspect that He’s communicating with us. It could very well be with the intention of the demons, for sure. If it’s a misled prophecy, the ones who gave it have selfish ambitions and they have motives. The motives are to confuse us and to cause division. Not every single thing that is given to us in Scripture will necessarily apply to the situation. The Lord may just be calling your attention to ambition. It’s something we need to just sit with and discern and not get all worked up over it. Look at the aspects of it that you know apply and let the other things go. Don’t fall under condemnation, accuse, and don’t be harsh. Look for the dynamic that is quickened to you. In any case if it’s selfish ambition or jealous that particular reading is not a good indication that this whole concept is true. It’s another red flag.

The reason I mention The Bible Promises so many times is very simple; each one of the chapters is divided according to content so it’s a lot easier to discern what the Holy Spirit is saying to you in The Bible Promises than it is if you were to open the Scriptures of the Bible. There’s a great deal of conflicting information on both pages depending on which copy you have and size of print. The nice thing about this book is that it’s divided into topics and segments. When you prayerfully ask the Holy Spirit to lead you through the Scriptures using The Bible Promises, you’re able to find more continuity in your answer than if you were to find something on the two pages of your opened Bible that give you different situations of what’s happened. It makes it easier to discern. That’s why we’re so fond of using it. We’ve been using it for 30 years. It’s done a pretty good job of leading us, as far as I’m concerned. We feel like our lives are in the place that He wants them. Yes, we have a lot to learn, that’s for sure, but we feel like we are in the right place in the right time. Boy, that’s invaluable to have that kind of peace.

We also go to the Scriptures. Many times we use that as a jump off point. We’ll get a Scripture from James, for instance, and we’ll read it in context and get an understanding of the situation and how it was meant. Sometimes the Holy Spirit brings up more about the situation just by mediating about that simple word. This is what we use to discern because this is an outside witness. It’s a second and third witness. When you don’t have two or three reliable people that you can go to, to confirm, you’re pretty much on your own. Being on your own is dangerous. We need to know one another by the spirit and learn the ways of the spirit and the move of the spirit in order to navigate through our lives, especially as things become more treacherous with betrayals and people being handed over to death and so on. We need to be able to tell by the spirit who is authentic and who isn’t.

The third and final reading was under Humility. “A man’s pride shall bring him low but honor shall uphold the humble and in spirit” (Proverbs 29:23).

This one was inconclusive. There are two different ways to look at this. One is to say that, “Well, maybe I’m too proud to accept something different like this and different from the ordinary. Maybe I’m just too proud.” Some people would say, “If the Lord didn’t say it to me, then it’s not true.” This kind of reading could be pointing right to us. On the other hand, it could have to do with pride involved on the other end. We don’t know and we certainly don’t want to assign motives to anyone anymore than we like having motives assigned to us. The combination of those three reasons was not a sign at all that this prophecy is true. It pretty much shot it down.

So in conclusion, the Spirit of the Lord in Ezekiel put up a caution sign and then He confirmed it with three readings.

After that, my sweet and loving Jesus came to instruct me about a situation for a woman who dearly loves the Lord with all her heart, but had been drawn into a deception. The Lord said something very gentle, “They are misguided. There will only be one Rapture.”

After that, I went to The Bible Promises to make sure it was from the Lord and He gave me three confirmations and it was Him speaking to me. Plus, He told me something about the lady I was praying with and it turned out what He told me was true. So, everything in that conversation with Him proved out.

I want to emphasize that the demons have access to any knowledge in the world that is existing. This is a little a side note for you – I think this is worth mentioning. Don’t let it confuse you about this topic, but just something to remember. So – they can see the situation that the lady was in. They could have told me that and it wouldn’t have been supernatural knowledge but rather inside information by seeing the situation. Just because you hear, “So and so is going to be at your door in 30 minutes” doesn’t mean that is from God. The demons can see very well who is on the way to your house.

True prophetic knowledge is knowing what’s going to happen before it happens without surmising it based on evidence, based on observation. Such as when Paul told the ship’s captain not one man would be lost after the ship wreck (Acts 27). The probability of someone being lost was very high, so when he said not one man would be lost he was speaking from supernatural knowledge.

Now, I want to look at the prophecy itself. Examine each thing on its own merit. First of all, let’s look at the three days of darkness. My experience with this prophecy is that there is some substance to it. It came from a good Catholic source. I based it on the person who operates in the gifts of knowledge, healing, miracles, and lived an inapproachable life. There were others as well who prophesized the three days of darkness going back over 100 years and they were reported to have lived holy lives. That’s real important that the source was holy. Their version about the 3 days is that there would be a time near the end of the Great Tribulation where the demons of hell would be released on the Earth and that anyone who was outside and not protected by the Lord’s angels would die instantly. The instructions were to seal up your house and not go out for anyone or anything. Another part was that you would hear relatives’ voices being imitated by demons crying to open the door and let them in. In the end the Lord and His angels would bind and destroy every last human and this would constitute a purification of the Earth from evil. True or false? I’m not convinced one way or another in my spirit. I don’t have a strong leaning, so honestly I’m not sure. Since the sources are good it might possibly happen that way.

My conclusion is that if I need to know about this, the Lord will remind me of it and fill me in on the details if this is something necessary to me. If it’s not necessary to us, then we’re really wasting our time running after it to find out whether it’s true or not.

In examining the dynamics of the prophecy: “Is there any room for vanity and pride?” Since this specifically talks about the special “called out ones” – then yes. I believe there is plenty of room for vanity and pride. The next question I would ask is, “What is the motive and the fruit from the event?” I believe there is a possibility of very good fruit since it talks about working for the Lord to bring in the harvest before the Rapture. That seems good and noble to me. “Can it be found in the Scriptures?” There are parallels in Exodus and in other places. “Does it agree with Scripture?” This is the final and most important aspect to look at. This is where it falls short. No, it does not agree with any references to the Rapture, at least to my knowledge.

So, my conclusion about this prophecy is that it is false. With that said, please – let’s remember no one is perfect. I’m not perfect. We’re all opened to deception and if you think you aren’t open to deception well… moving right along.

Dear family, let’s stay little, tucked away in the Lord’s heart where it is safe. Let’s not find fault with anyone or accuse. Let’s not assume we know more than others. Let’s just keep our eyes and ears on Jesus and cry out to Him for answers. There’s nothing wrong with examining something and testing the spirits to see if they be of God. There’s nothing wrong with examining a prophecy or a doctrine. That’s not being critical of others. That’s just being sensible and wise. We have to do that from time to time. We don’t have to lay condemnation on them if they’ve made a mistake. That’s totally unnecessary and what it does is, it injures the Lord. Not only does it injure that person but it injures the Lord.

This is His body and we need to treat it with kid gloves like you would an infant. You don’t want to discourage or wound anyone. If we trust that the Lord will make the way straight for us and not allow us to be deceived, that’s important too. Many demons have gone out into the world and they are very clever trying to deceive even the elect.

If we stay little and teachable not trusting in our own understanding, I believe the Lord will not suffer us to be misled for very long. If we have a sincere heart and we are seeking the truth and only the truth, eventually we’ll get to the truth. If we’re trying to defend something like a favorite idea and we fight off all other forms of logic concerning it… then we’re in trouble, because then we’ve got an attachment to something. Our attachment is stronger than knowing the truth and that’s not good.

In conclusion I want to quote this Scripture, because I feel that it applies here. “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make straight your paths. Be not wise in your own eyes. Fear the Lord and turn away from evil. Do not despise the Lord’s discipline or be weary of His reproof for the Lord reproofs Him whom He loves as a father his son in whom he delights” (Proverbs 3:6).

The Lord delights in all of us, especially those who are really committed to serving Him. You look at prophecy in light of that. Wherever the prophecy came, from the intentions were good and obviously they love the Lord enough to serve Him with their whole heart and their whole lives. We need to encourage one another when it comes up that maybe we’ve made a mistake. We need to say, “It’s okay, I’ve made mistakes everyday.”

The bottom line is, if we don’t have that attitude, then we’re in pride and if we get into pride He’s going to arrange a nice fall for us. He’s going to remove His covering and allow the demons to trip us up. It’s super important that we receive the truth from Him and that we’re willing to be corrected. When we are corrected or when someone else is corrected, we are to be very gentle, loving, kind, and understanding. If we were in that person’s place we would have done the same thing.

God bless you family.


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  1. Nadine Ward

    The only thing that I’d like to say is that we all go through times of being worn out. Personally, I have been listening to the voice of The Lord since August of 2003 He has never incited to me a resurrection time in the past days and years. As it stands it has not come yet though He did give a time to look forward to, He has taught me to live to love the greater whole of humanity and put myself under my feet. In other words stop looking for an exit and pay attention to the work at hand. Many need Him. If fact we all do.


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