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A reader wrote: Someone please help me, answer this. The love of my life, a 12-year-old little girl, was kidnapped, beaten, raped and killed. I have forgiven her rapist, I have forgiven him and I pray for his salvation. Now all, ALL of my anger and hatred that I had for him is now at God…In one video, you said that a soul’s spirit knows what will happen to them before they come to Earth – and agree to it. Does God literally love her rapist more than he loves her? Please just explain to me why God let her die the way she did?

I’m so terribly sorry, dear, I hurt for you.  And the Lord does too…

Did you see the film, the Shack?  Even though the characters portraying the Trinity are female…and GOD is not in any way female, the casting was good because each one had a personality that fit God…as a man, not a woman.  I’m sure this was done to pry people away from their preconceived ideas and walls.

I think some of your questions might be answered there. It wasn’t God that murdered her, it was Satan working through a sick man.

As far as a spirit knowing what will happen in their life it is way beyond your mind to understand this.  You are talking about a very, very pure spirit straight from the heart of God…you cannot comprehend this from Earth, Ryan.  The Spirit is rarely in touch with the soul and body part of us…for most people.  The soul is the mind and emotions, the spirit is the essence of our being that returns to God.

You should know that in cases like this, the soul is removed from the body and does not experience this horror of what is happening to their body.  They have out-of-body knowledge seeing, but not feeling. They are suspended. At least this is what I’ve been told by several rape victims.

Satan is the father of lies and somehow he’s managed to twist your mind so you think God is the one who did this… He allowed it for reasons you and I will not understand until Heaven – but He didn’t do it.  I think the Movie the Shack might help you get a handle on this.

I wish I could help you more. I will pray for you, dear one.  I am so terribly sorry, deeply sorry for this loss… May God heal your heart, and show you His goodness. Don’t give up, He will heal you and perhaps even bring another soul into your life that will live and bring you great joy.

There is one last thing I will mention. There is history with her family and a door to this tragedy may have been opened by something done in her parent’s bloodline – a great-great-grandparent, a war, etc. There may have been a murder back in time that has left a door open to a big loss for future generations.

Interestingly, in The Shack, the father that lost his daughter had poisoned his father to death because he was a violent alcoholic beating him and his wife mercilessly.  That is not to say it is right, but there are consequences passed down from previous generations, that we don’t deserve, but fall on us because of what five generations ago was done to someone else.

Oh dear God, these things are so far beyond us! Mercy, Lord!

Love, Clare



  1. steven

    When bad things happened, Jesus was asked if this man did something to deserve it. Jesus replied no. I can’t seem to find this verse right now but I think it is in Matthew. Therefore the advice you gave in “when it doesn’t make sense” is not biblical.

    1. Carol Jennings Post author

      Clare was trying to point out that sin patterns and demonic strongholds can be passed through the generations and affect the way people behave. No, the girl did nothing to deserve it. But the Lord allowed it. Satan was surely driving the man who did it – and HE may have had demons of hatred, murder, etc. in him, or in his family line. They take legal advantage of claiming people because they are related by family blood. The Lord was in control of ALL of it. He had a plan. We just don’t know what all GOOD Jesus brought out of this evil. Who knows? The girl’s death may have brought many people to a knowledge of saving grace and salvation?

      I speak from experience here, not just whimsy. My own daughter died of an accidental heroin overdoes 12 years ago. But we trusted the Lord, that He is good ALWAYS. And He guided me to write her story and read it at her funeral. (You can find it here on the blog, called The Gift) I was able to read her story at her funeral – attended by over 500 people, many of them the druggie friends of her boyfriend. And the Word of God and salvation was heard by many who had never heard it before. And we were able to live Jesus in front of these souls. The loss is ours, the pain. Becky is jubilantly in Heaven!

  2. Wolfgang

    according to many writings: our God is just but He is full of mercy – do you really think this girl would not get a chance to come into the presence of the Lord ? According to e. g. the writings of Lorber and others, these poor people, who lost their life without knowledge of God and the like will be given into good, loving, teaching hands, which are “hired” there for making further development of these souls possible on “the other side”. Just google for “children in heaven” or something alike – you will find many stories of visitors of heaven who saw schools in heaven… All of these would not be false prophets won’t they ? This earthly life is precious but short for all of us and it is for testing, learning, developing purpose and out of this making the right decisions . Might it be some few or almost 1000 years long – eternal life is, what really matters.. And – by the way – Jesus knows everything and He knows all the why’s. I suppose if you knew her present condition – you would rejoice. – – – please try to correct me, if you would be shure about this beeing terribly wrong …. kind regards

    1. Carol Jennings Post author

      To begin, I would question basing any beliefs on the writings of Lorber and his group. They have much error woven into their writings – accepting the concept of reincarnation is only one of them. We do NOT endorse any of these men at Still Small Voice in any way.
      Secondly, you have missed the point Clare was making. No-one said she had no knowledge of God, and she was still near the age of accountability. More likely, she was one of the ones the Lord DID send with the full knowledge that her life would be brief, and end in a hard way – but then she would be wrapped in the arms of Jesus again forever.
      Yes – there are children in Heaven. Many of them. All children who die under the age of accountability (around 11-12, when they are fully conscious and in control of making the choice to sin or not) go back to Heaven. That includes abortions, miscarriages, sickness, deaths and murders. And there the angels and people who have gone before them care for them until their parents can join them. Or if they don’t, others in the family or just others will love and live with them.


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