I want to see and hear Jesus clearly, just like Clare does!

Many on the channel ask this – so Clare wanted to give a little more detail on just how she sees and hears Him. Her reply was:

Sweetie, I don’t hear and see Jesus real clearly, it’s more of an impression that I reach out and latch onto. It tends to be very faint until we are connected well and He is streaming His thoughts into my mind and I put them into words.  The best way I know to get started with this is to sit down at your computer and begin typing a letter to Him.  Pause and listen for thoughts that float into your mind.  They will be loving and peaceful, encouraging and strengthening.  Then just start typing them without scrutiny (without thinking about them, just type) and at the end stop and read back.  If it is the Lord, you will feel the same anointing you feel when you listen to or read my messages.  You’ll actually feel it in the depths of your soul.  Don’t be afraid.  If anything evil inserts itself or a directive like ‘go here or go there’, I wouldn’t trust it just yet.  Rather the messages will be very general and encouraging.  He waits for you.  He is there for you.

I will add to this, the Lord specifically chose Clare to receive the gift of hearing and seeing Him for a message every day – He stated this clearly. It is for the purpose of the channel and the building up of the Body through His messages. This is usually why He gives any of the gifts – for the purpose of building up the Body and ministering to each other.

Many of us on the channel see and hear Him, also – and also in varying degrees. It doesn’t mean that if you do have this kind of interaction you are somehow more spiritual than someone else – it’s a gift from Him, given as He chooses and when He chooses. It doesn’t mean that if you don’t have this kind of relationship with Him yet, that you are somehow “less” than anyone. Sometimes there are more important things He wants to do in your life first.

The key is: God is not a respecter of persons. He loves you just as much as He loves Clare – she would be the first one to shout “amen” to that! Each of us has their own walk with Him, and need to follow His path for us. Put Him first, don’t have expectations and just follow Him with all your heart. Then you are free to receive His blessings and gifts in the way and the order that He will give them to you, without crushed hopes or disappointments or feeling that you are somehow “less” than anyone else.


Carol Jennings

5 thoughts on “I want to see and hear Jesus clearly, just like Clare does!

  1. Alicia S

    Dear Carol,
    You are a beautiful blessing to this ministry. I have a concern that I’d appreciate prayer. I am under persecution by listening to your channel from my spouse. He doesn’t understand Claire’s gift and anointing and I believe He’s fearful I’m listening to satanic messages. He is very angry and acts to intimidate me so I won’t listen to the messages. He actually said he forbids me to listen to this channel. I was going to reluctantly obey to keep the peace- but it seems like I’m always displeasing him- almost 40 years worth of shunning and displeasure from him- and he says he loves the Lord and lives to serve him. I turned to the bible promises and was lead to forgiveness. In fact, it said pray for those who are mean to you. I don’t want to blatantly disobey my husband and have a self righteous attitude, in fact I really try to remain humble, patient, and loving all the time, even through the displeasure I endure. Along with the bible promises, Claire’s message (July 20, 2016) Was, I feel, strongly telling us to keep praying for the lost, don’t worry about what others are saying, Of course, I will always continue to pray for the lost, even if Claire goes off the air. Yet, I feel Gods given her these messages for such a time as this. I have become a prepared bride through this channel. I have trusted Jesus like never before. Isthis a time where I should obey God rather than man?

    1. Carol Jennings Post author

      Yes, Dear – this IS a time to obey God rather than man. Perhaps you could listen during your private devotions so as not to overly antagonize him. But your walk with the Lord, your relationship with the Lord is ultimately the most important. After all, when all things end, YOU will be the one standing face-to-face with Jesus for yourself…not your husband or anyone else.
      These are days that call for great courage and strength of character and virtue. Satan hates all of us that strive to draw closer and closer to Jesus, and he is using everything he can think of to tear us down and destroy us. Many, many are in the same situation as you right now – having to choose between the disapproval or even anger of a spouse – and learning to love the Lord with all our hearts. To an extent, I am right there with you, also. My family doesn’t get angry – but they think I’m nuts, and have absolutely no interest or even curiosity as to what I do here everyday.
      Blessings, Dear. Hold on to Jesus – ask for courage and strength and continue to walk with Him with all your heart!

  2. Alicia S

    Thank you, thank you.-a thousand times thank you! Jesus also wanted me to pray against spiritual warfare as I’m doing and will continue to do. Also, you be strengthened too, it’s difficult to have a spiritual gap among Christian family..that seems to hurt the most. Yet, the joy of the Lord is our strength.
    Hugs to you now and in heaven- for reals”
    God bless you as you press on,
    Alicia Smalley

  3. Donna DeBard

    I am being blessed by reading Sister Clares messages fro Jesus. But I heard she was killed 4/16/16 when an earthquake hit Ecuador. If this is true, how are we still getting her messages with dates after her death and now currently – spoken by Jackie?

    1. Carol Jennings Post author

      I don’t know where that rumor came from – but Clare is still very much alive and getting messages continually. Why don’t you come over to Clare’s actual website? (Jackie is NOT officially a part of this ministry.) Come to https://www.youtube.com/user/claredubois/videos and you’ll always be seeing the messages as soon as they are published:0)


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