On Saturday, as I was drawing my new painting for my friend’s book…

…I felt the spirit of my mom very close, and she remain for a bit and left.  I felt she wanted to tell me something and asked Jesus that night as I went to sleep.  Before I felt her presence, I did the blessings and commanded any unclean spirit to leave with both swords in the basement, as every day as I go painting.

Then today, it was like the light came on and revelation of why mom came to visit. And YES, she wanted to tell me something.

 When I was growing up my family was Catholic, and my mom and I use to do the rosary together before I went to school every morning. And on October, which is the month of the Rosary, twice a day.  In one of my nightstands mom had put an image of Mary, and sitting in my bed, close to the image is where we did the rosary.

 We converted and became born again under the Catholic Church with the Charismatic movement.  We went to Notre Dame University to a huge gathering of charismatics, and in the center of the football field there were an incredible amount of nuns and priests.  When one of the nuns or priests went to give a testimony, they began singing in tongues and the whole stadium did, as well.  It was so magnificent and Heaven did came to that stadium during those days.  Magnificent!

 I don’t remember where the notion of not having images came from, since we were born again through the Catholic Church. Nor why we stopped going to the Catholic Church, either.  I just followed what mom said.  I was just 14 at the time I received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.  Since mom was the one that dictated my life then, I did as told.

 I think the Lord let her come down so I would pay attention more closely to the teachings on the Rosary, because she is in Heaven now, and knows the truth about the rosary.  The Lord works in mysterious ways.  I will be obedient to the Lord’s request, as well as all of you.

 Just wanted you to have another testimony of His goodness and sweetness, and how much He really wants us to follow what He teaches us in this Channel.

 May the Lord be a witness Himself to your heart of the reality of praying the Rosary as He has done in me.

 May the Lord bless you and keep you; May the Lord shine His face upon you

 Love you all


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