3 Post-Rapture letters

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Post Rapture Letters from God #1

October 7, 2014

 “I am calling out to you, speaking comfort to your heart. I’ve not left you, nor will I ever leave or forsake you. I know acutely the terrible loss you feel, at times even a sense of betrayal overtakes you. All of your questions of “Why, and where, and why am I still here, why was I left behind and what am I ever to do now?”

 “You must resist the temptations to simply dive back into the world and get really busy, and take advantage now of many so-called new and exciting opportunities and careers due to the mass vacancies in every aspect of industry, business, and all-around money ventures.

 “NO, even in your pain and bewilderment, draw back from these things. Pull back away from your unstable world and seek Me with all your heart ten times the more. Strongly call out to Me with true repentance and a sincere change of heart and I will help you. I will calm your fears, and welcome you back with open arms.

 “You’re not lost. In the coming days you will see more and more just how much I still truly love you. If a mother forsakes her child, I will not abandon you. I am forever here to save you.

 “You are still My child, so very, very precious and cherished by Me.

 “You are still My treasure, and I am with you even now.”

Post Rapture Letter from God #2    October 7, 2014

“The question burning in your mind, ‘But why? Oh, my Lord, why? Why, why was I left behind?’  

 “My child, you were never meant to be excluded from the Rapture. It was My merciful provision for all of My children, indeed My Church, My body, My Bride. You were to be part of the evacuation that took place to keep you from having to live in and witness the most horrible time of suffering upon the Earth that has ever been or ever will be.

 “You began well, however, in time you began to become more and more entrenched in the world. Though still a Christian in name and affiliation, you began to draw more and more away, often to many distractions and pastimes.

 “The times we used to share became less and less. You knew that you were beginning to compromise more and more with the world over your faith and so you stopped speaking to Me.

 “That, combined with your new relationships and your new liberal ways of thinking caused you to begin looking at other souls around you, and judging them. You began to look down on them and the things that they held dear, even going as far as holding in scorn and contempt the joy that they expressed at the nearness of My coming.

 “By the time I arrived, all you could do was stand in fear and shame for the very thing which you distained to believe had just happened right in front of you.

 “Because you did not believe, you did not watch and pray, and I came as a thief in the night and you were not prepared.

 “I could not take you.”

Post Rapture Letter from God #3   October 7, 2014

“You ask of Me, ‘What now?’

 “Stay close, stay ever so close to Me now. Pray for the grace to always have Me in your heart and mind, My name ever on your tongue.

 “You must hold tightly to the hem of My garment and never for a second let Me go again. Develop the habit of thanking Me always and everywhere. Have me ever before your mind’s eye. This you must pray for also and I will give it. I am with you already, as it is, but you need to be able to sense Me, feel Me, and interact with Me, speaking to Me always as your most trusted friend. I am keenly interested in your every thought and feeling so long as you strive to stay lowly and humble, being very little in your own eyes.

 “I will forever be your most trusted Friend and confidant. Nothing draws Me more closely than very small and childlike souls. I stay closer to them than their own skin, and I will be with you.

 “I know that you are still in a great state of bewilderment and the rest of the world around you is in a terrible state of disarray. But I also know that already you’re beginning to feel an inexplicable, supernatural peace and calm within. I will continue to give you this gift and you will be able to think and reason with remarkable clarity.

 “Do not worry about your needs. As you can see, I have provided for you in every way. People will continue to give to you everything that you will need, seemingly out of the blue, and you will quickly begin to experience just how truly beautiful a real life of faith is even during these most extraordinary circumstances.


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