I’m not really sure I’m saved

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You know who Jesus is historically. You believe that He died for you. But you’re unsure of just HOW to “get saved,” or if you are already saved.

Our Best Advice: Just talk to Jesus the same way you would talk to any other friend; but more than a friend – a Very Intimate Friend.  He is the kind of friend that you can talk to about anything, and everything, and He will never back away. So He’s here for you. Right now, in this moment. Simply open your heart to Him, sharing all of your hopes and dreams, your fears and disappointments.

Give yourself fully and unreservedly to Him. He is the one who created you, and He knows far and beyond, that which is for your ultimate good, for your total fulfillment and true, lasting happiness.

But how, you may ask, do I actually DO this? How to I “become a Christian” or “Get Saved?”

The main thing is that it genuinely and sincerely come from your heart.  He is not looking for fancy words or formal prayers. He LOVES you – just the way you are, right now.

So be yourself, and approach Him comfortably and naturally. Tell Him that you are sorry for your sins, and ask Him to take your whole life now and everything in it. Tell Him that you truly want to RECEIVE Him into your heart as your Lord and Savior, and that you give yourself, fully and unreservedly, into His loving care now and forever.

You have now become a New Creation in Christ! The old life has passed away, and now in this moment, you have been wonderfully REBORN !!  You are as clean, pure, and Innocent as a newborn baby, with absolutely no spot, stain, or wrinkle! You have just been given a brand new soul, a brand new life, – AND the PROMISE of the most beautiful life that will never end, in Heaven, where you will be young, and free, and happy forever!!

Ezekiel duBois

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