My friends and I do not know how to read the Bible.

Thanks for explaining the scriptures, Clare. You are doing a good job really. ❤  I was afraid of God at the beginning reading the scriptures. But on this Channel you are showing me the truth. Now when I understand finally what Jesus said in this story. It is like a shock which moves my heart greatly. Yes, I do wait for the miracles to come ????. Doing the Rosary everyday now. And I can imagine Mother Mary is so kind and helping along. May God bless you all. Praying for the heartdwellers family daily to come to God. He is ever so close now than ever before. like almost can be touched. It is wonderful. ❤


Clare answered:

Dearest, Mary is the Mother of the Bride, her entire posture is one of readying us for her Son. Helping us get a handle on His sweetness and gentleness, but also His holiness. She is why this channel is different, why it does not condemn, why it is familial. Of all people I don’t know what a family should be like, I had no father and my mother was gone from home most of the time. But Mary showed to me another side of Jesus than the stark cold religious side, she showed to me the tender side and it is her influence in my life that helps to make this channel and my relationship with Jesus, what it is. So happy for you, you have embraced a very great secret of the early Christian church. Love, Clare

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