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Ordination Information

During the Skype meeting we had with Clare on 9.27.18, I decided to put together this page to help to cover any questions that may come up prior to your Ordination. During the meeting, Clare mentioned what we will all need prior to being Ordained. Here’s what all who are going to be Ordained will need for Ordination.

  • Ballons – They are used to hold Clare’s breath which is needed during Ordination.
  • Missal – A missal is a liturgical book containing all instructions and texts necessary for the celebration of Mass throughout the year.
  • Chrism Oil – Chrism, also called myrrhmyronholy anointing oil, and consecrated oil.
  • Rite of Ordination.rtf –  This explains the Mass process and is sent via Email from Clare.
  • Holy Water – We will also need Holy water, which we can make for ourselves by Blessing clean water and maybe even Praying an anointing Prayer over it.

Clare recommends we all try to watch some Mass’s on YouTube, namely, Mother Angelica Mass’s to get familiar with the process so that we will be able to understand what we are going to be doing once Ordained.

Ordination will take approximately 40 minutes, so be sure to clear enough time once we set the date.


3 thoughts on “Questions prior to Ordination

  1. Alphonse Nzule

    Dear Clare,

    I have followed what you have advised on ordination and your write up on women ordination which seems not to have any back up from the bible or the early church. From the Bible it is clear that Jesus never ordained any woman to priesthood, how is it that you state that in the early church there were ordained women priests. I believe if it was our Lord’s intention to have women priests then he would included women in the 12 apostles who are the foundation of the Church. We have great women saints and we have women who have accomplished heroic acts in the church like Mother Teresa of calcutta and many more. There is no historical record even for the early Church where women performed the function of a priest of a bishop – that is offering the mass. Please provide discernment on this. From the various rites which go all the way back to the early church i.e the orthodox rite, maronite rite, coptic etc there is not mention of women priests.

    1. Carol Jennings

      One of the things that is a danger to His Body and His Church is automatically ‘doing things the way they always were.’ And not be listening to Him. Directly. He has been stating over and again that He is bringing His Church BACK to the days of the Disciples. The way it was when HE walked the Earth. And He is reiterated to Clare several times now that in the Kingdom, women have roles that have been suppressed from His first establishment.

      I’ll direct you to this message in particular:

      We have moved our Channel to Please come by and look at the Album: Jesus Restores the Early Church


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