This kind of prayer (rosary) is good except the part where it says “Holy Queen Mary” which is idolatry.

No, it is not idolatry, never is it said she is God. What IS SAID between the lines, is that she was faithful on Earth, therefore in Heaven she is given greater tasks.

What do you call someone who has been crowned? How many times does Scripture tell us about our Crowns? There are many queens and kings in the Body of Christ. They are all His Brides. There is nothing idolatrous about saying she is a queen; it does not say she is God.

What will you do with your crown? Will you be a king sitting on a throne in Heaven, administering to the Nations? Of course, your crown will also be cast at the feet of Jesus.

Her standing was given to her from Heaven for her faithfulness, her humility, her absolute obedience to the Lord from her earliest years. Now she is hovering over the Capitol Rotunda in Washington making assignments with angels God has given her. She administers the portion of God’s Kingdom that has been given to her, which means she has access to graces from God and angels to assist her.

The Heartdweller responded: Reading it I cannot help but detect worship towards Mary, which is Idolatry.

Don’t confuse worship for worth-ship. Do you not ‘greatly admire’ people on this Earth who have the power to do mighty things? Would you not like to be within the ‘inner circle’ of such people, so that your request would be heard and acted on?

Even now, many of us are frankly in awe of the POWER of a real President, and all he can accomplish!! WITH the Power of God behind him.

Mary has this same power of God ‘behind’ her – because she was so faithful here. It is her reward. And – there will indeed be queens as well as kings – but where in Heaven would they all rule?? Think… There will be need for figures of authority during the 1,000 years of the Millennium. it is for THOSE roles we even now are being prepared for. Will we be humble servants? Obedient NOW to The King?

THIS short life is only the beginning of all the wonders God has in store for His children! Don’t limit yourself, don’t pull back because you have ‘thought’ differently, ‘heard’ differently and now it seems too ‘out of the box’ to believe. If you have believed Clare has been hearing Jesus ALL this time…what do you think the chances are, out of over 1,000 messages…that JUST THIS TIME she is being deceived?

1 thought on “This kind of prayer (rosary) is good except the part where it says “Holy Queen Mary” which is idolatry.

  1. Mike Fisher

    From Clare (Post ended up in wrong area)

    We are all kings, priests and queens…why do you think we have so many crowns??? Where do you think we get the crowns we cast at His feet? Being a queen is no different than being a king or a priest, except it is for females, not males. If anyone in Heaven deserves a crown, certainly it is Mary. She consented and participated in the offering of her Son for sinners. She stood by Jesus and offered Him for the world. Just because you have a crown does not mean you are worshiped. Haven’t you read how we will all sit on thrones and judge? Thrones and crowns go together although Mary is the meekest of all women and would never presume to do this. The Father is the one who crowned her for her excellent job of bearing, raising and offering Jesus for mankind and then staying with the apostles and sharing incidents from His life. I have been given many crowns just before a trial does that mean I’m God or think I’m God? Please go a little deeper in your thinking and examine the Scriptures on these things, especially revelation. Love, Clare


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