Heartdwellers, here’s testimony about the rosary and the chapletof divine mercy.

My cousin, last year of January, was about to die of a 4th stage rare cancer. After I heard about it, I started praying the rosary two to three times a day together with the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, for I don’t want her to pass away yet, she’s 21 at that time. Then we checked our auntie about her health within a month, she said that the cancer has all gone. Rosary prayer method and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy was the only prayer method I was using and it got answered. My cousin is still alive ’til this day, it’s a miracle from rosary method of prayer.

And a couple of years ago, I saw my first waking vision from Jesus, clear as day like a big tv screen with soft edges while I was reciting the rosary, then the chaplet after that. It was in the middle of me praying the Chaplet of Divine Mercy that I saw my few minutes’ vision just because I asked for a vision from Jesus before I prayed the rosary and the chaplet.

I received healing and transcendent peace together with that vision on that very night in my room, and the peace has remained in me to this day. Although I can feel fear and disturbance from others, it just comes back right away within a few minutes. And the healing of the suffering (which was physical illness) went away for good together with that vision, that suffering I was carrying for 16 years—and it’s now gone for good.

It’s all because of the teachings in this Channel, plus the rosary and the chaplet that it all those good things happened to me. It’s not of the enemy—I’ve discerned it for 2 years now, and it’s just too sweet, loving, and peaceful to be from the enemy. It can never be from the enemy; think about the healing, the vision, the overwhelming love and the transcendent peace that lasted ’til now. This can never come from the enemy, it’s from Jesus, for sure, I guarantee you. I’m being honest here and Jesus knows I’m telling the truth.

Much love and God bless you my friends. I hope and pray that the scales in your eyes will fall.


3 thoughts on “Heartdwellers, here’s testimony about the rosary and the chapletof divine mercy.

  1. Anja van Dorsten

    What happend to you on Youtube? I know, that in Europe Facebook, Youtube and all the others, have big problems with the ” copyright thing” and therefore they are forced to close down almost all facebook Sites and Youtube Sites, otherwise they would be responsible for all copyright mistakes people would do over Youtube and so…anyways, glad to find you back here….

    How would you continue? I suggest to continue over a new website…LORD might help you with it!!!

    Hugs and Blessings!!!

    Anja ( from Germany)

  2. Anja van Dorsten

    oh..I am sorry, I had been a little short and rude here…well, to explanation, it is a very complicated thig I guess to bring the Internet monitoring and controle over people in an order for the LORD…but, I am not a friend of long masseges, but I might be able to help you out, within explaining why this happenened with your channel on Youtube….I am better in talking on the phone….so, if you are interestet, you might be able to call me: 0049-7452-7081, or, if you do not have a phoneflatrate, I can call you, but therefore, I should have your fix phone number….

    Blessings so far from Germany!



    1. Carol Jennings Post author

      We were taken down – suddenly, Anja. We did nothing wrong, nothing against their ‘community guidelines’ – but someone registered 20 strikes against us all at once, overnight – and we are ‘gone’.

      BUT WE HAVE MOVED!! We are now at Vimeo.com/stillsmallvoice. So please, come find us and join us again!


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