I am Catholic and have prayed the rosary my whole life…

I died unexpectedly during labor, and remember when I was carried to Heaven and found myself in front of Jesus. He was SOOOOO loving and kind!! No one can describe how amazing it feels to be in His presence!! He was NOT displeased or offended by my respect for His mother during my life, I assure you!

He showed me the times I had prayed to God the Father and to Jesus and how happy He was that I chose during my earthly ‘test’ to believe in His love for Me, and to trust Him. His love was more than I can describe, and I still cry sometimes, because of how much I miss Him! He told me he was proud of me!!

After our conversation He sent me back here. I was quite sad to come back. I still pray the rosary, because I know it does NOT offend Jesus when we remember His life in that way. I also say the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, which I feel pleases Jesus very much, because of the graces and conversions it can attain for lost souls- all of whom He loves immensely!

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