Last night I felt my heart was crushing and I couldn’t even breathe.

I started crying so much. My husband came and asked, “What’s going on?”

I said, “Many will die in the hurricane without knowing Jesus, and it’s crushing my heart.

He said, “Let’s pray the Rosary.” and we both started praying the Rosary in Latin. When we were praying for the intentions, I couldn’t even talk from all the crying.

Then on the mystery of the assumption of Mary, suddenly I was relieved and I was smiling, praising the Lord, and it felt sweet. Then laughter came! I felt so happy, knowing that my Father in Heaven was going to be merciful with the people, and my mother Mary was going to be their ‘lawyer’ in their judgment.

I felt so happy, I even prayed for all my enemies and begged for forgiveness and for conversion. I felt the honey, too. Let’s keep praying, and thank You, Jesus, for solving our problems. I trusted in You and You saved us. Thank You. I love You.


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