Why Shouldn’t We Listen to the Disaster Warnings? Shouldn’t We Be Prepared?

A listener wrote:

“I’m confused as to how being warned about upcoming deceptions is now a bad thing. That’s like saying all of your “Left Behind” books and letters no longer need to be discussed because it is disrupting peace that people are supposed to be enjoying. Hardly anyone at the church level is speaking about what is going on prophetically today. In fact they shy away from it. Is this how it is supposed to be?”

(ed. note: In a recent message, “Whisperings and Forebodings of Disaster” the Lord told us that the was so much false information going around the Internet, it was useless to listen to any of it. 100% of the “warnings” never actually happened. We were to focus on HIM, and using our gifts, and stop listening to it all.)

If you look back on the channel messages, you can see a trend Jesus was forming: The Bride wasn’t ready, she was growing, she was getting better – soon we’ll go…PLEASE PRAY! And then…situation mitigated or halted. I absolutely believe that we were supposed to go Home this past June or July. But the Father DID listen to our prayers, and DID do a Ninevah relenting.

ALL of the things He taught us and we have gathered are still very important for the left behind. And now we are preparing even more things, many of us.

I don’t know how long you’ve been a Christian, or how long you’ve thought about the Rapture, but I’ve seen this cycle many times over the past 40 years. It gets more intense every time – and more and more valuable things are created, written and left for those who will need them. I believe we DON’T have any MORE than the three years the Lord recently granted – we may not have all of them, if people slack off and stop praying for the lost and for mercy. But people still need to be warned, prayed for and taught about it.

People still need to be “ready”  – and many are not. Many people who watch for the Rapture are right now out there SCREAMING that it’s coming NOW – and when it doesn’t, they will have many different responses – and many of them will be of NO help to the lost. They have their eyes focused on the drama of the destruction, the hope of His coming – but not His Children. The whole reason so many of the churches are NOT talking about the Rapture is because of all the times we “came close” and the Father relented. But that’s no good, either. People are not being warned to be clean and holy. People are living lives fully in the world. People are not feeling the urgency to truly love others into the Kingdom, because time is short. We humans do much better with a fire burning behind us than a carrot hanging on a stick in front of us, I’m afraid!

We are now being told, those of us who ARE living abandoned to the Lord, to continue on in prayer, sacrifice and offerings. But NOT to get involved back in the news – which lies – and start living the way we were 2 years ago – not ready. He could still come before He said – it IS conditional. But if we keep putting off starting more things to benefit the Kingdom, we’ll find the three years (or whatever) gone, and here we’ll stand holding an empty bag to give Him, instead of one filled with Wedding Gifts.

Do you see?

Hope it helps a little!

Carol Jennings


4 thoughts on “Why Shouldn’t We Listen to the Disaster Warnings? Shouldn’t We Be Prepared?

  1. Paula

    I enjoy listening to your tapes but can you tell me how and when Jesus srarted talking to you. Is it a small still voice or can you see him? Are you really sure it’s Him. Please let me know. I’ve been saved since 1982 and I’ve only heard Him there times in a still small voice and He only said about 5 words each time.

    1. Carol Jennings Post author

      You can find Clare’s testimony in the playlists on the Youtube channel here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9OgFMhpIMEQ&list=PLJPAM4w-f9t7oC2uWQTiEq2zvkdOQNmiu. A person who has “connected” with Jesus in this way can both hear Him inside, as a “still small voice” and see Him in the spirit. If you continue to press in with Him, growing in holiness and intimacy with Him, it will increase for you. There are many messages on the Youtube channel and on Heartdwellers.org that pertain to this.

  2. Tyler Miller

    is Jesus Speaks On: What Is To Come After The Rapture series of message still relevant . I hope it will be update with new information to fit the current season after Trump Presidency.


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