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Posted on August 29, 2016 by Lana

By Lana Vawser

As I spent time with the Lord this morning I kept seeing a river that was flowing so strongly. The current in this river was so powerful, but this river was so inviting and so full of peace.


As I am watching this river flowing so strongly, I felt the Lord saying “I am leading My people deeper into the river of My rest where they shall find a greater empowerment and be led suddenly into the “next best” that I have for them!!” 


The invitation into this river was so inviting, it was so strong. The invitation wasn’t ‘come and dip in your toes’, the invitation was ‘come all in, in over your head’.


On the banks of the river I could see the swirling of what has been going on in the spirit over the past while, and many left wondering where they are going or what’s going on. 

The sense of invitation in the atmosphere suddenly increases even more. I could feel the passionate, longing heart of Jesus for His people to come into the river. 


I then begin to hear the same verse again that I heard in the Lord speak to me about in July of this year.. 


So we conclude that there is still a full and complete “rest” waiting for believers to experience. As we enter into God’s faith-rest life we cease from our own works, just as God celebrates his finished works and rests in them. So then we must give our all and be eager to experience this faith-rest life, so that no one falls short by following the same pattern of doubt and unbelief.” – Hebrews 4:9-11 (The Passion Translation) 


As this verse is so loud in the spirit all around me, I watch as many of God’s people begin to jump into this river and dive in deep. The only requirement of diving into this river was answering His invitation with “YES”.

I watch God’s people who have jumped into this river, simply through obedience are overtaken by a peace they have not experienced before. I see them floating on their backs and so rested, so joyful, so full of confident expectation of hope and joy of what Jesus is doing and about to do. 


As they are floating along in this current that is so strong and powerful I notice that many of their eyes are closed. The peace is SO deep, the trust is SO deep in Jesus, that there’s NO FEAR. They don’t even need to “SEE” where they are going. They just know they are held by Him, and He is leading them.


But as they are flowing along I hear the Lord saying “STRIVING AND SELF PROMOTION WILL SNAG YOU!!!!”. I could feel His heart of love in the “letting go” and coming “deeper still” in trust, there is a temptation of the soul for various reasons to “push ahead” when He is saying “wait”. The key of flowing in this river of His rest was laying back into His arms in surrender with a cry of heart that says “Your way, Your time!!” We must continue to examine our hearts in the light of His presence and make sure no striving or self-promotion creeps in. If it does, we must move towards His heart in repentance and invite Him in to bring us to a place of deeper rest and healing of heart/soul.


I then see many of God’s people continue to float along, and I watch a level of empowerment coming through the place of rest into their hearts, souls and lives that they haven’t experienced before and their capacity is being increased. The intense weariness that has plagued so many, breaking off. 


Flowing along in this river, I can see the Spirit of God doing such a deep work in their hearts and souls. I hear the Lord saying “Yes there has been great opposition, yes there has been great weariness and pressure, and now in encounters with Me and encounters with My love, I am bringing REST to the heart and soul. Many have been “treating” this weariness externally, where the “root issue” needs to be healed internally. I am dealing with unbelief and fear and I am bringing my people to a higher level of faith. In seeing Me, I am BREAKING OFF the pressures of man that have come over many in this season, in the place of surrender and repentance that many of My people are moving in for moving in unbelief and fear, I am releasing an UPGRADE AND IMPARTATION OF FAITH!!!!! SOAKING in this season is a KEY for many. Soaking in worship, soaking in My presence is a KEY that will set them FREE and see them flow deeper in My river of rest.”

What had entangled many of God’s people, deep fears, deep worries, deep anxieties, deep fears, deep concerns was all falling away in this beautiful river of His Spirit, the great river of rest that flowed from seeing Him!!!! Cyclical entanglements of the soul and ongoing issues, suddenly begin breaking off and a whole new realm of glorious whirlwinds of the Spirit, revelation and change will be released in it’s place. 


As many of God’s people are flowing in this river I see the SHIFTING of mindsets, heart beliefs and the very season many have walked. The SHIFTING to the revelation of what I felt He was declaring from His heart.. “I’VE GOT THIS!!!!… No matter what you are facing I’VE GOT THIS!!!!! I am moving you TOWARDS LIFE as you rest in Me.


The river was so accelerated, yet so peaceful. In this place of rest in Him, I saw greater fruitfulness flowing through the lives of God’s people like they had never experienced. I saw bodies being healed suddenly. I saw hearts being mended. I saw a breaking free of generational limitations, unbelief limitations and fear limitations. Where many have thought the “rest of God” meant “do less”.. the Lord was highlighting that this was a ‘heart and soul’ issue and entering deeper into this place of rest of heart and soul in Him, the PROMOTION was taking place. He was adding more!!!!! 


God’s NEXT BEST STEP is before MANY right now.. but the KEY to getting to that NEXT BEST STEP is LIVING DEEP IN THE PLACE OF REST!!! Trust! Faith! Hope! He is healing hearts, souls, bodies and minds in the river of rest. JUMP IN!!!!! The river of rest is leading you to a place of greater faith, seeing impossibilities bow, sudden shifts and HEAVEN INVADING EARTH MANIFESTED!


3 thoughts on “Important Lana Vawser post: Where He’s taking us

  1. Donna Hain

    This reading just gives me peace. I am so greatful to Jesus for His river of peace. I have felt his healing for the past few years and this is a lovely picture of the the river of life, His rest.
    You have done well in drawing word pictures. I felt Jesus love for me, a tear in my eye, trust in my heart.
    Such a tender relationship with Jesus is painted in your words. Thank you for sharing your love…..
    Marrietta, GA

  2. Nadine Ward

    My husband and I have been walking in obedience to The Lord since 2008. The more you let go of yourself, putting your thoughts and ways under the feet of Christ, and walk in obedience staying in step with Him; not stepping on His toes; the experiences of His rest after each spiritual step you go through, is even greater! His love will blanket you along with His peace, growing ever more present as you learn to let go. When He says “I’ve got this! “, TRUST IT! It IS exactly what He says it is and many times it is so much more than you expected. His love NEVER fails us. Our job is to learn to meet Him where He is. In every step you make moving forward letting go, your reward is sweeter than before, always feeling His love and rivers of peace. I live in His river of peace. It just gets more beautiful every day. My life is a whole new mindset of peace and security because I’ve let it all go! I put my hand to the plow and never looked back. And truly you could not beg me to go back to my old way of living. I am blessed because He loved me first and I chose to hold on to His hand. Praise God!


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