What’s wrong with video games?

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My friend, I used to spend close to 8hrs a day just playing video games. The sad part of saying that is that I did it when I was married, worked full time and had 2 Children. I’d get home from work, and go straight to the computer to play online games. I even went to Vegas 2x for the games during this time. It was only when looking back that I realized just what I allowed satan to do to me and my family.

I can never get that time wasted back and all I even got for 2 years of doing that was $50 for winning two MS tournaments. It cost me my self respect, time with my family I can never get back and it led to a divorce eventually, among other things I selfishly did with my time. Now that we are in that time

Jesus recently spoke of a time of unusual temptations, I just realized that I am slowly slipping back into playing an auto racing game that I love to play. I started doing it after worship, Prayers and Communion but I didn’t even recognize that it was starting again until seeing this video and your post. I only started this about a week ago. I am, as I write this, deleting all games on this computer. I again, was tricked by satan. I thought to myself, I did all my Jesus related things so I’m sure it’s ok if it’s not for too long. The first night it was about an hour, the last night was about 3. Luckily, Jesus warned us in these last messages not to let that happen and I caught it now because of Him and you.

You need to look at your relationship with Jesus as a current relationship and not a future one. For those reading this who have been left behind, you don’t have TIME to spend that is not building this relationship. Every minute you spend without Him will hurt His feelings. Every time you choose to do something that excludes him, you hurt His feelings. Each time you choose to do something He can not do with you, you hurt his feelings. He IS a Jealous God. Not only is He Jealous, He is also madly in Love with YOU!

Try to remember your first Love, if you’ve experienced that already, and what if felt like at that time. I could not even go one second without thinking of the girl I married for two straight years before I got married. THIS is how Jesus sees YOU! Since we are right at the start of the Rapture, do anything BUT activity’s that exclude Jesus!!!! This also applies to those of you who are AFTER the Rapture, and have just met Him. You are trained by satan to need constant stimulation to your eyes, ears and body. This is NOT from God. You have to learn quickly to accommodate His will for your life by trying to include Him in your daily plans as often as is possible. You need to try to match His Love for you by doing as much as you possibly can to show Him your love for Him. You will never be able to match his Love but you can try!

We all have to overcome this evil life of constant, non-stop entertainment. The only way to do this is to DO IT. Turn off the TV, the radio, and all games. If you find yourself getting bored due to the lack of constant thinking or moving, just offer it up to Jesus. He will LOVE that offering more than many, many other types, because that IS a true sacrifice for Him! We are called to suffer! Remember the Disciples’ suffering? Getting stoned to death, getting crucified upside down, getting thrown in prison for most of their lives even some on a distant island that had nothing on it, no ac, no running water or electricity? Well, we should all be glad that the suffering WE need to do, in our time awaiting His return, is non-Worldly activity!

Those who are reading this after the Rapture – you truly are in a position of suffering. But the advice goes the same way. There is NO TIME to waste on anything but getting to know and follow the Lord.

Carol gives very good advice pointing you towards reading some of the stories of the past. Once you know much of the past, you will then feel quite lucky to only be called to suffer in this non-violent way. I speak this to myself and others too, not just you friend. We are called to make time for Jesus. If we run out of thing’s to think about, read or do, worst case for us is to sit in a heated, furnished home, with our pets to keep us company, and drum roll please….wait! You have to admit, that’s not too bad! lol God Bless you my friend!

Nobody get’s to Heaven without suffering. Some may be terrified by demons, some may be tortured in front of their families. Some may be raped and murdered and beheaded but ALL are called to give up everything Worldly that was their basic life prior to Jesus calling them.

Heaven is soooo worth it and once there, we will all realize just how silly this tiny suffering really was after-all. Glory be to God!

Submitted by Mike f.

3 thoughts on “What’s wrong with video games?

  1. Carl

    Wow, what a testimony. And yes, this certainly DOES apply to those addicted to tv and radio, too, not just video games.

  2. Maria Pilar Boylen

    This testimony spoke to me directly, i just deleted mine from my phone!! May our God help all of us to help each other with our testimony!


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