I was influenced by Protestant views on the Rosary.

So, I avoided it, because I did not want to worship Mary. However, the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to make up my own mind, and not let the opinions or perceived opinions of others influence me (like Jesus said—we Heartdwellers are strong-willed:0)

So, I read the Rosary. And you know what? It does notworship Mary. It is asking for her intercession. It was that easy…

Sometimes, all that you have to do is read the Rosary to make up your own mind.

Jim O’Connor said many things that I was thinking about, too. Some people call the Gospel of Luke the Gospel of Mary, because it is said that she helped him write it. That makes perfect sense. How else would people know what Gabriel said to Mary, or her thoughts about Gabriel’s words to her?

Rev. 12:1 was also on my mind. I used to wonder why Mary would have a crown of twelve stars on her head. What does she have to do with the Apostle? Now, because of Clare, I realize that she was their teacher after Jesus rose to Heaven.

“I was taught that every contemplative soul to whom it is given to look & to seek will see Mary, & pass on to God through contemplation.” – Julian of Norwich

I have not sensed her presence, yet. This gives me something to strive for.

a Heartdweller

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