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I would like to pray the rosary on my own. I don’t know what my husband and children will think of me…

…and they will probably tell the world… Answer: Just an FYI – I have still not been able to feel ‘safe’ at the thought of having my husband or family ‘find out’ that I was praying the rosary – much less using the physical one! Even though a dear, sweet friend made me a most beautiful one – I’m afraid… Read more »

Can you please tell me what “hail Mary” is and if this is something we should say/use?

I am very unfamiliar with all of this but when I looked up the rosary prayer, there’s a lot of hail Mary’s in there. What are the benefits, if any? Answer: “Hail” is the King James translation of the Greeting spoken in Luke 1 by the Angel of God. When you are praying Scripture, your prayers have a double impact…. Read more »

Why I Pray the Rosary (a vision)

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The Lord asked Carol, our administrator, to please explain why she prays the rosary. And it’s a vision. It happened on August 28, 2018. It begins: For the sake of those who are struggling with some of the concepts and Truths Jesus has been sharing lately, I wanted to share some of my own Path of Learning in these things…. Read more »

On Saturday, as I was drawing my new painting for my friend’s book…

…I felt the spirit of my mom very close, and she remain for a bit and left.  I felt she wanted to tell me something and asked Jesus that night as I went to sleep.  Before I felt her presence, I did the blessings and commanded any unclean spirit to leave with both swords in the basement, as every day… Read more »

What a beautiful thing the Rosary is! I love it absolutely!!

I have a testimony of sorts. It is almost a week and a half or so that I committed myself to the rosary and just wanted the truth. I find that the Holy Spirit is opening my eyes to the beauty and the truth in the scriptures. Yesterday my mom came to tell me she finally got a job!! She… Read more »

Last night I felt my heart was crushing and I couldn’t even breathe.

I started crying so much. My husband came and asked, “What’s going on?” I said, “Many will die in the hurricane without knowing Jesus, and it’s crushing my heart. He said, “Let’s pray the Rosary.” and we both started praying the Rosary in Latin. When we were praying for the intentions, I couldn’t even talk from all the crying. Then… Read more »

So, I’d like to share what happened to me after praying rosary.

I did 4 of the sacraments as a child, as requested by an aunt. Never understood or believed anything and ended up back in the anti-Catholic camp. 2 years ago, I became born again and needed heavy deliverance. A lot of witchcraft was done to me as a child/abuse/etc. Jesus led me to a deliverance ministry here in Seattle. It’s… Read more »

I was influenced by Protestant views on the Rosary.

So, I avoided it, because I did not want to worship Mary. However, the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to make up my own mind, and not let the opinions or perceived opinions of others influence me (like Jesus said—we Heartdwellers are strong-willed:0) So, I read the Rosary. And you know what? It does notworship Mary…. Read more »

It was many years ago that my heart had rest about Mary

…despite the nagging problems I had had with reconciling the Scripture about the brothers of Jesus.  However, the message I received that clarified her place was in the form of a question that was posed to me in the Spirit. And that was, “How Holy is your God? 99%? 99.99999%?” I immediately understood. I now pose the same question to… Read more »

Dear ones,
I’ve been absent from your Youtube Channel for some time now.

But always keeping an eye, and praying.When I participated there, under the name of “Rose,” I was sometimes puzzled, even scandalized, because I hardly could name Mary, our Blessed Mother, without feeling I was setting a lot of hearts in deep disturbance. It was painful to read some remarks about her. And I thought to that to speak back or… Read more »